Fiona Forward

What is Fiona Forward?

Fiona Forward is an employee-driven volunteer initiative at Digible aimed at addressing the barriers to housing stability in the Denver-Metro area through community service and in-kind donations.

Advocating for Improved Quality of Life

Our purpose is to be an advocate for the improved quality of life for those in our community through service and donations.

Service Hours
2023 Company Volunteer Hours So Far
Financial Donations
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2023 Financial Donations So Far
Volunteer Events
Volunteer Opportunities for Employees to Join Every Year

Blood Drives • Service Hours

Volunteer Work • Cleanup

Bringing Awareness to the Societal Barriers to Housing Stability

We partner with companies like House of Hope and Family Tree in order to enhance our philanthropic initiative, Fiona Forward.

Fiona Forward’s mission is to be a leading non-profit in the multifamily industry by bringing awareness to the societal barriers to housing stability. We are extremely passionate about this cause which gives us and the entire company purpose beyond marketing and technology.

Our Core Story & Values

Digible’s core values are authenticity, curiosity, focus, humility, and happiness. They steer our daily interactions, hold us accountable to our purpose, inform company decisions, and shape our future. We promote and celebrate our values every day via Slack (#gratitude), in company-wide meetings, during employee reviews, across social media, and on podcasts (#digibledudes). They are essential to Digible’s identity and operating code.


The commitment to be steadfast and genuine with our actions and communication toward everyone we touch.


The belief that a deep and fundamental curiosity (the "why") in our work is vital to company innovation and evolution.


The collective will to remain completely devoted and ultimately accountable to our deliverables.


The recognition and daily practice that "we" is always greater than "I".


The decision to prioritize passion and love for what we do above everything else.

Fiona Forward Updates

Learn more about what the Fiona Forward team at Digible has planned, accomplished, and what’s next for the volunteer initiative.

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