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Digible’s mission is to serve, simplify, and advance the multifamily marketing industry through transformative technology, alternative research, and world-class client support.

The Who, What, & Where

We have the pleasure of working with a multitude of clients in the multifamily, senior living, and student housing sectors. Our client partnerships span the nation and are built on clear communication, collaboration, transparency, and accountability.

We really get it

We are dedicated to this industry and we work hard every day to understand your challenges so that we can blow your freaking mind.

We work to be scalable

We use and develop technology to scale our data-driven process.

We fit into your team

Dedicated support, no crappy fees or terms, and easy billing that flexes with your needs.

Together, We Accomplish a Lot

We’re a motley crew of creative, innovative, and goal-oriented folks bringing multifamily professionals best-in-class support with marketing and technology solutions.

Lease up, luxury, affordable, student, senior – we've worked with all types of assets. 
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Digital Campaigns
We use proven tactics to create innovative, multi-platform campaigns.
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From Seattle to St. Petersburg, Digible has roots all over the U.S. & there isn’t a market we can’t work in. 
Management Companies
Our friend list keeps growing, and we're excited to add you.
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Digible is Passionate About Our Purpose

Empowering our mission, our core differentiators encompass expertise, adaptability, and cutting-edge technology.

Digible has engineered a unique portfolio of solutions that strictly serve our industry and are fueled by insights from thousands of properties nationwide.

As serious as we are about our work, Digible also likes to have fun! Look no further than the sassy daily emails from our AI marketing assistant (Fiona), our pandemic-inspired comic strip, or our Wes Anderson-themed employee videos. Lest we overlook our CEO’s poetic recaps, the DigiAwards, the Digible Dudes podcast, and even our own card game.

All this combined makes Digible, well, Digible, and binds us to our purpose.

Our Manifestus

We should start with a quick disclaimer—Manifestus is not a real word (just in case you were questioning yourself).  We roll with it because we feel that our company’s public declarations probably rest somewhere between a conventional Manifesto and your token ‘About Us’. 

The Stars

 Digible's constellation began to coalesce about 7 years ago. Star by star the company was presenting itself to us - the people, the business case, the vision, the timing, the industry, the knowledge ... everything aligned. When that happens, when virtually every sign points in the same direction, it makes life-changing decisions a whole lot easier. Such was the case for Digible, and we are forever grateful.


We recognize that love means different things to different people. For us, love represents passion and energy for a common purpose. It is a big reason why we decided to start Digible, and even bigger part of what sustains the company. We love the people that we work with, the clients that we work for, the industry that we work in, and the products that we are building. But above all, we love the journey that we are on, and the memories that we are creating.


Even when the stars align and you got the love, many would-be startups never start. Unforeseen forces meddle. However, life's curve balls can also serve as catalysts. Digible's existence was partly initiated by pure circumstance, which we decided to embrace. Someday we will reveal more about the unique circumstances that helped form and motivate our company. It is a compelling storyline, but not everything is fit to print.

Why Working With Digible is "The Best"

“Working with Digible is absolute best! Our account manager is responsive, super organized, and can answer all of my crazy questions. Detailed reporting, and gives great feedback and recommendations on our campaigns. Quality of product and service is exceptional.”

“Our partnership with Digible has been nothing short of excellent. They are always open to suggestions in terms of strategy. Very easy to work with from the planning stages, to execution, to final completion for all of their email marketing initiatives. They are professional and a pleasure to work with! Great attitude and wonderful work.”

Industry Partners

We’re proud to have technology partnerships with the following companies that we feel match our philosophy and values and help us achieve our client goals.

Case Studies

What social media content type works best? How to optimize your website? Our team is constantly testing and trying to understand the answers to these questions too. Our case studies will bring you in-depth results from these tests that are backed by data to run the best multifamily marketing campaigns possible.

Help Your Multifamily Property Work Smarter

Work with a fearless team certified in world-class support & innovative technology.

Digible is dedicated to establishing the most extensive presence in multifamily marketing with the aim of cultivating a more cooperative, happier, and forward-thinking industry outlook.

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World-class support to help your multifamily property work smarter.

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