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Call for Current Leasing Specials

We dive into the strategy, data, and increase in call volume for “Call for Current Specials” for Google Ad Copy. Google Ad Call-to-Action Copy Concessions are key during peak season in property management. To hit...

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Geofencing: It Takes Two Image Types to Tango

Comparing Geofencing Click-Through Rate Performance for Different Amenities Comparing the Performance of Kitchen to Gym Images for Geofencing? Over the course of 90 days, our team tested image types within Geofencing to determine which image...

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90-Day vs. 180-Day Retargeting

A Strong Multifamily Marketing Optimization Strategy Don't Hate that Site Visit Rate At Digible, we love to experiment. So, naturally, our paid media team dove into the Google Ads experiment tool, a tool that splits...

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Work From Home Campaigns

Capitalizing on WFH Culture in the Advertising Overview A historic shift has taken place in the way we work. 2020 saw the rise of working from home, and 2021 has proven that it is here...

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Spotify Ads

An Effective Upper Funnel Marketing Tactic for Multifamily Increase website traffic by 33% with Spotify Audio Ads As digital marketing continues to evolve, advertisers are turning their attention to the power of audio advertising, specifically...

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Broad Match Type + Smart Bidding

Switching from BMM to Broad Match Type Keywords How to Increase Your Conversions By 54.88% Using Broad Match + Smart Bidding in your strategy is a superb way to increase your conversions and decrease your...

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Spanish Campaigns

Spanish Ad Copy, Keywords & Targeting on Paid Search How to Reach a New Audience & Increase Your CTR by 185% Spanish Campaigns: The United States alone has over 41 million native Spanish speakers, making...

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Pool Images & Seasonality

Updating Social Ad Creative for The Winter Season In The Winter Months, Social Ads with Images of Pools on Average Received -28% Less Link Clicks Than In The Summer/Fall Months. Performance of Pool Images in...

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Neighborhood Keywords

Including Hyperlocal Keywords in Paid Search Accounts How Implementing Neighborhoods Increased Conversion Rate by 343% Neighborhood Keywords: The Charlotte market is highly saturated with a high percentage of competition within the multifamily industry. In October,...

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Retargeting Messaging in Display

Utilizing Retargeting Messaging in Display Ads How Incorporating Retargeting Messaging Increased Site Visit Rate by 766% Retargeting Messaging in Display: This test found that incorporating retargeting messaging in your retargeting-specific display ads helps dramatically improve...

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Text Overlay in Facebook Hero Images

Including Ad Copy in Facebook Ad Hero Images How Including Ad Copy in Facebook Hero Images Increased Site Visits by 51% Text Overlay in Facebook Hero Images: This test found that incorporating ad copy such...

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Search Impression Share and Budgets

Implementing Budget Increases Based on Lost Impression Share How Using Search Impression Share for Budget Increases Led to a 7.56% Increase in Occupancy Rates Search Impression Share & Budgets: Impression share is an important metric...

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Dynamic Pricing in Search Ad Copy

How Pricing in Search Ads Increased Conversion Rate by 100.6% Pricing in Ads: Digible is able to dynamically insert real-time pricing into its paid search ad copy. With this new ad creative, we set out...

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