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Digible’s partnerships extend beyond the multifamily scene. Whether you’re a consultant, a reseller, or just someone who’s into data and tech, Digible’s got all the tools you need to succeed.

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Ditch the digital guesswork with Fiona, the only AI of its kind. Using millions of multifamily data points, Fiona recommends customized budgets and marketing mixes designed specifically for your property.

Get Going With Our Process

Partnering with Digible is as simple as one, two, three…four.

Kickoff call
Initial call with key stakeholders to jump-start the process for product launch.
Data validations
Work with Data and Engineering teams to walk through integration needs and structure.
Product training
Deep dive for sales, client service, and implementation teams to get a full understanding of how to position, grow, and implement the product.
Launch, followed by monthly check-ins to cover any FAQs, outstanding items, and product roadmap/future enhancements.

Who We Partner With


We collaborate with consultants, working together to bring our products and expertise to their clients’ campaigns.


We expand resellers’ inventory, integrating our products and tech, while keeping our involvement behind the scenes.


We automate agency workflows with our selection of easy-to-integrate digital products and award-winning marketing technology.

Data & tech

We provide data and tech for marketers and companies — perfect for businesses looking to beef up their stack.

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Digible's got all the goods you need to succeed.
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