Native Advertising for Apartments & Single Family Rentals

How Native
Advertising Works

Promotional content that stands out – by fitting in.

As consumers become more and more resistant to traditional marketing tactics, properties have to find new ways to get the word out. That’s where native advertising comes in. 

At Digible, we create custom promotional articles that build brand awareness and increase engagement. We talk up your location and amenities, as well as your neighborhood hot spots, and we always keep our editorial efforts on the digital down low. 

Rather than focusing on the ‘hard sell,’ our goal is to design rich, informational content that keeps the user experience intact. We incorporate text, images, and videos that mirror publisher’s organic offerings, and we offer holistic targeting to reach renters as they browse brand safe sites across the web.

Would Native Advertising
Work for You?

We recommend native article advertising for the following reasons:

Leasing Cycle Goals

Unique Selling Points

Non-Traditional Accounts

The Digible Difference

No start-up fees and no long-term commitments

Adjust budget any time or cancel within 10 days.

Dedicated Account Manager

Every account comes with a dedicated Native Advertising Account Manager

Content Creation

Content creation, custom targeting, and detailed reporting are included with every campaign


We run multiple headline, image, and article variations, optimized based on placement and performance

Holistic Targeting

Our holistic and Fair Housing compliant targeting reaches engaged prospects without relying on third-party cookies

What Our Native Advertising Team is Talking About

We’re innovators, thought leaders, and industry pioneers. In order to stay true to those hard-earned descriptors, we constantly push ourselves to learn, grow, and expand our influence.

Help Your Multifamily Property Work Smarter

Work with a fearless team certified in world-class support & innovative technology.

Digible is dedicated to establishing the most extensive presence in multifamily marketing with the aim of cultivating a more cooperative, happier, and forward-thinking industry outlook.

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