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Fair Housing legislation and education have struggled to keep up with the digital world and the new norms of business and digital platforms aren’t experts in fair housing which leaves room for human error and substantial risk.

Fiona Fair Housing is a monitoring tool for your online presence. In cooperation with Fair Housing experts and associations, Fiona employs artificial intelligence to identify direct areas of concern associated with your property.

Fair Housing Compliance is a Major Issue

Out of 2,535 properties, our Fair Housing Compliance tool scanned 46,134 items and 10% of those were flagged for issues. 1 of 3 properties would be flagged for an alert or warning. 

1 in 3 Properties Would Be Flagged

What is Fiona Fair Housing Looking At?

Fiona examines and evaluates all your digital marketing channels so that you can be certain your digital vendors are Fair Housing compliant. 

Google AdWords


Property Website


Social Media

FAQs About Fiona Fair Housing

Fiona get its data from adtech APIs, online monitoring, as well as 1st and 3rd party data sources.

Fiona uses proprietary technology to ingest and evaluate your property’s digital ad targeting and online presence for Fair Housing violations and risk. The algorithm has been developed in large cooperation with accredited Fair Housing experts and non-profit associations.

Fiona has been trained and references a comprehensive Fair Housing database that interprets the legal status of every alert based on Federal and Local Municipality laws.

Fiona does not offer recommendations or advice about how to resolve a Fair Housing alert or warning. The tool was developed to provide maximum oversight, not legal counsel.

Absolutely not. All your property and portfolio data is completely confidential and protected under our legal agreement.

No. Fiona’s Fair Housing tool was developed to mitigate risk, not eliminate it. In the event a lawsuit is filed against one of your properties Fiona is not liable.

Yes. Admin settings are supported, so you can decide access levels for each subscriber.

Age, race, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, familial status, religion, disability, location, political affiliation, etc.

Fiona monitors your property daily for the life of your subscription.

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