Apartment Marketing Reimagined

Digital Marketing

Digible delivers multi-platform digital marketing solutions for the multifamily apartment industry.  We specialize in CRO (conversion rate optimization), PPC (pay-per-click advertising), location-based marketing and social media.

Custom Research

Digible takes a progressive approach to all our research.  We seek deeper insights using sophisticated methodology such as emotional tracking, onsite simulations and networked opinions.  We also make it a priority to deliver local, immediate and affordable insights to our clients.

Proprietary Technology

Digible LOVES technology.  So much so that we decided to build our own.  This fall Digible will be introducing FIONA to the multifamily industry- the first predictive marketing and budgeting platform to leverage over 10,000 online and offline data points per query.

Timely Support

Client satisfaction is our top priortiy, and slacking on communication doesn’t make for a happy friendship.  We respond to all client inquiries within 1 business day.

Innovative Ideas

Digible wasn’t launched to follow in other peoples footsteps.  We pride our selves on pushing the status-quo.  Complacency does not have a place in our world.

Advanced Technology

Sure, we use fancy digital tools, but when we can’t find a tool to fit our needs, we buckle down and make the tool.

Clear Communication

Have you ever tried to learn about digital marketing only to be lost by complex jargon and buzzwords?  We are here to help.  Complicated stuff in simple words, and big ideas in small packages.


“Digible is an agent of digital transformation sporting a powerhouse team of creative and analytical thinkers. The work they are doing in the multifamily apartment space will fundamentally shift perspectives for owners, brokers, and renters alike.” Alan Garcia

Founder & CEO, Agreeable Research

“Partnering with Digible has produced incredible results for our communities.  They have the rare ability to combine in-depth expertise with an easy-to-understand communication style.  Their approach is personalized and gives me the confidence that our campaigns receive thought-out planning and execution.  The entire team is focused on delivering a high level of service and bottom line results.” Joya Pavesi

Vice President, Marketing + Strategy, Rivergate KW Residential

“Finally marketing professionals have a smart innovative tool that saves them time! As an experienced operator,  providing solutions that solve present gaps in the industry is important to me. Digible has filled a big marketing gap that will impress companies through the platform’s efficiency and effectiveness.” Elaine Williams

Founder, E. Williams Consulting Services