Director of Employee Experience

Courtney Wright

Courtney has three years of management experience, one year of benefits administration experience, and 5 years of human resources experience focused on federal and state compliance, benefits, culture, employee experience, conflict mediation and management training.

Joining multifamily recently, Courtney has worked in insurance, payroll and human resources tech, legal, insurance tech. She also served as the Commissioner on the Denver African American Commission for the Mayor 2020-2022.

Courtney is extremely passionate about advocating for others in every aspect of her life. This has led her to develop a variety is skills that she leans on in both her personal and professional life. Her original major in school was political science because she intended to go to law school, however, there wasn’t a “people element” in that course direction. This led her down the path to double majoring in both sociology and philosophy.

Her approach to human resources is a combination of the social understanding required to impact organizational culture, as well as the philosophical reasoning required to allow her to remain objective while empathetic. Beyond that, her love for the law remains so she is very skilled at human resources compliance and labor regulations.

Courtney earned a Bachelor’s of Art in Sociology, a Bachelor’s of Art in Philosophy, and a Certificate in Legal Studies from the University of Colorado at Denver.

Her passions outside of work include hiking, painting, reading, and career coaching.

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