FionaCalls – Apartment & Single Family Rental Call Tracking

Custom-built Call Tracking Software

Fiona is the new Carly Rae Jepsen, call me maybe.

Using artificial intelligence, FionaCalls monitors and tracks your calls and provides insight into your most valuable customer interactions. It allows you to see which of your campaigns are working and which need to be “disconnected.”

Dial into FionaCalls and you’ll be able to track your marketing performance, maximize your conversions, and make sure that your leasing team capitalizes on every opportunity.

FAQs About FionaCalls

With FionaCalls, we can expect faster and more accurate call scoring because the software was built by Fiona, not a blanket call tracking system. FionaCalls knows multifamily and the typical lead and non-lead talk tracks. Your feedback is able to be implemented quickly to improve our call scoring, which then helps our Paid Media Team to make optimizations to our campaigns.

We have three labels: Lead, Missed Call and Not a Lead. Outside of those three labels, we are also looking at unique caller rate, average call duration, missed call rate and time of day information for lead calls and missed calls. We provide this information during reporting and will flag anything that is a red flag, like a high missed call rate, during our usual check-ins. 

FionaCalls transcribes every call that we receive and the script is labeled as one of these options: Lead, Missed Call, or Not a Lead. Lead Calls are calls that mention things like pricing, scheduling a tour, asking about application fees, etc. To get the Lease Opportunity Rate, we divide the Lead Calls by the total number of Answered Calls. The average over the last year is 27% and we are working on benchmarking this number!

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