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Olivia Hoff

Olivia is the marketing director at Digible. Although multifamily is a newer industry to Olivia’s skillset, she has marketing experience in a ton of different industries teaching her how to jump in and be as flexible as possible. These industries include edtech, cybersecurity, federal associations and worldwide consulting.

With 3 years of experience working in public relations agencies and 5 years experience working in marketing, she has a demonstrated passion for managing and optimizing end-to-end and multi-channel marketing campaigns through website content and performance, robust experimentation, and focused execution. She has lots of experience in creating and managing content/optimization calendar, optimizing user experience (UX), conversion journeys and strategically balancing technical & creative needs.

Olivia has strong program and project management skills and has dove into a ton of different marketing software. Attending the University of Wisconsin – Madison (Go Badgers!), she graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science.

Outside of work, she enjoys playing team sports like soccer, basketball, and softball. She prefers going down mountains on skis than hiking up them but do does both and she loves experiencing new cultures and finding local favorites while visiting new places.

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