Reach the Right Audience for Your Rental Property with Google Ads

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What is Google Ads Display Audiences?

Google Ads Display Audiences allows advertisers to create and target specific audiences for their display ads. This can be based on a variety of factors including demographics and interests, while maintaining compliance with Fair Housing advertising laws. This allows for more targeted and effective advertising campaigns for property management companies to attract future residents to their property’s website. 

To determine the right audience for your rental property, we evaluated Google Ads Display Audiences for 39 properties across the United States running Programmatic Display in Google Ads for 3 consecutive months, categorizing a variety of properties by class including multifamily class A, class B, and single-family rentals in several cities and regions with average budgets between $300-$400. From there, we determined which audiences offer the best performance for these campaigns.
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Evaluating Audiences for Rental Properties

We evaluated the results from the high-performing audiences targeted, and here’s the breakdown:


Detailed Demographics

  • Homeownership Status › Renters


  • Homes and Apartments for Rent
  • Property to Rent
  • Real Estate › Residential Properties › Residential Properties (For Rent)

Life Event

  • Moving
  • Moving › Moving Soon


Data Table
Platform by City


Measuring the Benefits of Google Ads Display Audience

Google Ads Display offers several benefits to implement into your rental property marketing strategy.


High Performing Data

Based on our data collected, Life Event › Moving and In-Market › Real Estate › Residential Properties › Residential Properties (For Rent) demonstrated the highest performance out of the 6 audiences evaluated. The data categorized by city showcased a similar picture, therefore, this performance will likely be consistent across most regions.



Google Ads Display can reach a large audience across millions of websites and apps, giving your property’s brand extensive visibility.



Allows for precise targeting based on demographics, interests, behaviors, and more, ensuring ads reach the right audience and future residents.


Custom Audiences

Flexibility to create custom audiences by combining different criteria, in this case, “Moving” and “Moving Soon”.


Brand Awareness

Display ads can help increase brand awareness by reaching a large number of people and repeatedly exposing them to your brand.



Google Ads Display supports retargeting, meaning you can show ads to people who have previously interacted with your property, thereby increasing the chances of conversions.


Cost Effectiveness

If managed correctly, Google Ads Display can be a cost-effective advertising solution with a good return on investment.

Ready to reach the right audience for your property? Let’s get started.

Written By: Rose Finnigan

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