How to Maximize Promotion Extensions for Multifamily

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Google Promotion Extensions on Paid Search

Google Promotion Extensions allow advertisers to showcase offers, discounts, or promo codes within their standard Google Ads. This can help attract residents and increase click-through rates by highlighting special promotions directly in the search results.
Multifamily properties have the option to implement promotional specials in paid search through promotion extensions, ideal for highlighting a property’s lease concessions or move-in specials to attract audiences looking for the best deals when searching for their next apartment. Our team analyzed Promotion Extensions across 16 properties in multiple markets with ranging budgets.

4 Key Benefits of Promotion Extensions:

  • Increase the Visibility of Your Ads: Promotion extensions add more value to your Search Network text ads by highlighting your sales and promotions for residents who are searching for the best deals your property has to offer.

  • Boost Conversion Rates: By making your ads more appealing, promotion extensions can encourage more people to click on your ads, potentially leading to higher conversion rates.

  • Saves You Time: Instead of creating new ads for each promotion, you can simply add a promotion extension to existing ads, with flexibility in scheduling. Unless a specific end date is mentioned, we will run specials for at least 30 days, however, we don’t recommend changing specials too frequently.

  • Provide Valuable Insights: You can track how well your promotion extensions are performing by viewing the “Clicks” and “Conversions” columns in Google Ads.

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Implementing Promotion Extensions

Implementing Promotion Extensions at the campaign level showed promising results that could benefit from further testing. The portfolio average landed within the benchmark, but the test had fluctuating metrics within each property overall; however, we still recommend implementing them for properties as an optimization for specials due to the simplicity of setting them up and the ability to set duration time and schedule.

Dollar vs. Percent

  • Promotion extensions performed better when a dollar amount was called out (Ex. $250 Off the First Month’s Rent) vs. a percent value (Ex. 100% Off 1 Month’s Rent). Extensions calling out a dollar amount averaged 12.1 conversions compared to those using a percent value, which averaged 1.2 conversions. 


  • Promotion extensions are free to add and do not drive up CPC. The cost is the same whether someone clicks on the asset or the headline of the ad. If both the headline and the promotion extension are clicked within the same ad, Google does treat this as a second click, but you will still only be charged once – rewarding you two clicks per impression.

Creative Copy

  • Promotion extensions have a 20-character limit and are also limited to a dollar amount or percent value so you need to get creative with ad copy. (Ex. 100% off 1 Month’s Rent)


Promotion Extension Datatable


Well Crafted Promotion Ads

Remember, a well-crafted promotion can drive conversions and increase the effectiveness of your paid search campaigns. Promotion Extensions are a great way to highlight sales and promotions directly in your Google Ads. They can be added to your existing text ads, providing potential residents with more reasons to choose your apartment community.



Written By: Brandon Rosas

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