Improve PPC for Your Rental Property with Negative Keywords

Negative Keywords for PPC

Negating Brand Keywords for Rental Property Campaigns

When running paid campaigns, it’s important to consider the impact of brand keywords for your apartment community. While these keywords can drive a lot of traffic, they may not always lead to the most qualified leads. Therefore, it can be beneficial to negate these keywords in your campaigns. By doing so, you can ensure that your ads are reaching a more targeted audience, potentially leading to improved conversion rates and a better return on your ad spend.

What is “Negating” Keywords?

Negating brand keywords in paid media involves excluding your brand terms from your paid search campaigns. This tactic is often used to prevent your ads from competing against each other, a scenario known as artificial competition. By negating brand keywords, you can ensure that your ads do not bid against each other, thereby keeping your cost-per-click (CPC) low. This strategy requires careful planning and constant monitoring because if not done correctly, it can lead to missed opportunities and decreased visibility in the search results.

We tested 21 multifamily properties in the Southeast region for three consecutive months, negating each property’s brand keyword list to its own rental/non-brand campaigns. The intention of the test was to eliminate artificial competition between campaigns. The desired result was to increase brand and rental campaign conversions by paying for more efficient searches.

We continuously monitor and adjust your strategy as needed based on the performance data.

CPC Data Table
Data Table


Performance Increases, Impressions and CPC Fluctuate 

  • Impressions decreased by 15% due to actively negating keywords for rental housing campaigns, this is a natural occurrence when omitting keywords. Cost-Per-Click will also likely increased due to the removal of low-cost brand keywords on rental housing campaigns. 

Eliminating Artificial Competition 

  • Why compete against your own campaigns? Based on this data, we will see a higher conversion rate at a lower CPA when negating keywords. 

Brand Performance Increases: ConvR +19.82% 

  • Brand performance on rental housing campaigns yielded positive results, with a slight rise in Cost-Per-Action (CPA).

Optimize Your Rental Housing Campaign

Why compete against your own property’s campaign? By negating keywords, we have increased brand performance, cost-per-action, and higher conversions.
Let’s get the ball rolling for your rental property campaign. Let’s get started.

Written By: Paid Media Team

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