Facebook Canvas Ads vs. Single Image Ads for Apartment Marketing

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Facebook Canvas Ads vs. Single-Image Ads


Trying to find a way to level up your Facebook game and fill your apartment vacancies? 

Well, look no further. We’ve got you covered with the right strategy, impact, and performance results when deciding between Facebook Canvas ads and Single-Image ads. 


Canvas Ads, now known as Instant Experiences, are full-screen ad experiences built to bring your property’s brand to life on mobile. They’re mobile-optimized and designed to capture your future residents’ attention. They load instantly, providing seamless interaction, and can host a variety of media types like video, photo, carousel, and event slideshow.

Single-image ads are a type of online advertisement that consists of one still image.  This type of ad can be an effective way to capture a viewer’s attention and convey a simple, clear message about your property.
We compared the performance of Canvas ads to Single Image ad format across 14 properties in various regions including Southeast and Pacific Northwest. For budget recommendations, check out our apartment marketing budget tool, Fiona. 
Facebook Canvas Ads
Canvas Ads
Single Image Ad
Single Image Ad

Facebook Canvas Ads Outperform Single-Image

We evaluated the results from the high-performing canvas ads and benefits, and here’s the breakdown:

Canvas Ads had a 26% stronger CTR and a 26% lower CPC

  • With 3 consecutive months of running canvas and single-image ads, we concluded that canvas ads have a stronger click-through-rate and lower cost-per-click, thus making it an excellent lead generation tactic for your apartment marketing mix.

Brand Building 

  • Focuses on telling users and future residents about your property and sending them to your page or site for more information or to schedule a tour, moreover, driving conversions, which is designed to heavily promote your apartment community. Users are more likely to engage with dynamic content. We also ran a similar test with organic social carousel posts, which outperformed static posts.
Canvas Ads Data

Implementing Facebook Canvas Ads

Show off your apartment community features with Facebook Canvas Ads to build brand awareness and attract residents with a higher CTR and lower CPC, an excellent upper funnel marketing strategy to implement into your next multifamily marketing campaign. 

Convinced Canvas Ads are right for your property? Let’s get started.

Written By: Chloe, Annika, Amelia, and Noel

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