Fiona Forward Flying into 2022

Wahoo! It’s time for another Fiona Forward update!

Wahoo! It’s time for another Fiona Forward update!

Fiona Forward, Digible’s value-based volunteer group, sprung into action the last few months as the snow began to melt in the mountains and the sun shined a bit brighter. Kicking off the New Year, Q1 brought a new gust of rejuvenated energy and inspiration to the group as more and more Digible members became involved.

Our fearless team hit a slight speed bump in January as COVID-19 spiked again and forced another office shut down – boooo. We worked from home but continued to have meetings to discuss our purpose and focus for the year ahead. 

In February (the month of love), our team naturally took a self-defense class at APEX Combat Academy. We learned to square up, jab, kick, and so much more. After a month of working from home, we found this to be a great way to get active and stay connected with one another. Plus, it never hurts to get educated on the ways we can defend ourselves to feel more confident going through our daily lives. Thanks to Greta Wolking, Senior Paid Media Strategist at Digible, Fiona Forward member, and experienced member of APEX, we were able to get connected with our instructors and set up a class for the whole office to get involved.

As March rolled around, we had a lot of momentum and knew we wanted to give extra support to one of Fiona Forward’s most frequented events. We decided to do our first-ever Food For Thought takeover. Groups of Fiona Forward members volunteered every Friday of March to assist in packing around 40,000 meals for children in need. These prepackaged meals are delivered to schools around the Denver area to ensure kids, who depend on school-supplied lunches, have food to eat through the weekend. Taking a little bit of extra effort from the Fiona Forward team, we were able to show up and make a larger impact.

We even got our founders in on the Food for Thought fun! In Episode 101 of The Digible Dudes, David and Reid sat down with Food for Thought co-founder, Bob Bell. The trio talked shop about cultural issues, fundraising, partnerships, COVID, reaching beyond Colorado, and plenty more. Take a listen here.

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