Fiona Forward: A New Take on Community Activism

Learn about our Fiona Forward employee volunteer initiative to address barriers to housing stability, partnering with programs to address food scarcity, and support Denver's new immigrant crisis.
Fiona Forward

Fiona Forward: Q1 2024 Impact

Well-rested from winter vacations and holiday bustle, our Fiona Forward members leaped into the new year with energized compassion. In just one quarter, we addressed the various needs of the community including but not limited to: the barriers of housing instability, food scarcity, women’s health and wellness, and the greater migrant crises to those seeking a better life in Denver.

Here are some of our Q1 highlights:

Denver Community Collaboration

To keep everyone on their toes, Fiona Forward focused on a physical well-being event at UpSwell, a local gym where proceeds were donated to our friends at The Gathering Place. During a myofascial release yoga practice, Fiona Forward members restored their muscles while reflecting on the needs of their community. The session proved to be the perfect recharger to start the year off strong.

Fiona Forward Group photo


Supporting New Immigrants in Denver

Nearly 40,000 migrants predominantly from Central and South America have been arriving to Colorado over the past 15 months via the Texas border in search of a better life due to unrest in their home countries.

According to, Denver is currently sheltering 730 people, down from a high of nearly 5,000 in January. The number of new daily arrivals and the overall shelter population has steadily declined. As of Monday, April 1, 2024, Denver has supported 40,295 Newcomers from the southern border.

To support our
Newcomers, Fiona Forward hulled a massive load of winter clothing donations (we’re talking two cars worth of items) to Denver Human Services to distribute to this population in need. We are filled with gratitude to see the outpouring of support and donations from employees and community members alike for this successful clothing donation.

Learn more about the Newcomer Migration. 


Our Fiona Forward volunteer crew supported the Denver migrant crisis by donating a huge haul of winter clothing to  the city's collection center which will be distributed to migrants "Newcomers" in need of gear for our winter weather. #volunteer fyp #denvercolorado

♬ original sound - Digible Inc - Digible Inc




Women’s Month with Hygiene Kits

Volunteers formed a full-proof conveyor belt at Digible’s office to pack 70 Women’s Hygiene Kits in honor of International Women’s Month. Along with all the toiletry essentials, each kit was topped off with an encouraging handwritten note about overcoming adversity. These handmade, stunning cards were designed by our very own Website Product Manager, Chelsea Schonhaut.  


The wellness gifts were then distributed to SafeHouse and GOALS where they were provided for women experiencing housing instability. 


In honor of Women's Month, our Fiona Forward crew assembled over 70 women-focused hygiene and wellness kits to benefit The Gathering Place’s House of Hope and other women’s shelter around Denver with personalized notes on curated cards by @chelseasolutions #womensmonth #womenswellness #fyp

♬ original sound - Digible Inc - Digible Inc

What’s Next for the Denver Community?

2024 will be an exciting year to serve the community, donate to our partners, and continue education about housing instability with Fiona Forward. The Leadership Team will be joined by additional members who are passionate about the mission and will focus efforts on boosting remote participation across the nation.

Heading to Apartmentalize in June? Be sure to swing by the NAAGives Wall for our latest feature. 

Want to partner or learn more about Fiona Forward? Contact [email protected] for partnership opportunities.

Fiona Forward is an employee-driven volunteer initiative at Digible aimed at addressing the barriers to housing stability in the Denver community through community service and in-kind donations.

Written By: Taylor Norberg

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