The Digible Dudes EP171 Retcon 2024 Recap: What’s Next for Multifamily Tech & Innovation?

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Join us on episode #171 of the Digital Dudes Podcast, where David and Reid share their comprehensive recap of Retcon 2024.

In this episode, our hosts dissect the highlights of Retcon 2024, examining the pivotal role AI plays in transforming the multifamily sector. They provide a candid look at the discussions, debates, and revelations that emerged from this year’s conference, offering listeners a front-row seat to the future of real estate technology.

Key Highlights & Takeaways:

  1. AI Integration: Exploration of innovative AI solutions presented at Retcon and their potential to elevate multifamily real estate. Insights into successful case studies of AI application in the multifamily industry, showcasing tangible benefits and challenges.
  2. Conference Dynamics: A behind-the-scenes look at Retcon 2024’s structure, from the curation of sessions to the strategic planning behind attendee and vendor engagement.
  3. Future Trends: Predictions for the evolution of AI in the multifamily sector and anticipations for next year’s conference themes.
  4. Networking Nuances: The significance of networking opportunities at Retcon and how they foster meaningful industry connections and collaborations.

Don’t miss this comprehensive breakdown of Retcon 2024, filled with critical insights, forward-thinking analysis, and a glimpse into the future of multifamily real estate technology.

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(00:00) Preview

(01:00) Unpacking AI: The Heart of Retcon 2024

(05:25) Real-World AI Applications in Multifamily

(10:17) Innovations and Disruptions in Multifamily Real Estate

(15:37) Reflecting on AI’s Current and Future Impact

(20:04) Conference Dynamics and Planning Insights

(24:26) Networking at Retcon: Creating Meaningful Industry


(28:59) The Vendor-Attendee Balance: Striking the Right Ratio

(32:16) Future Trends: Predictions for AI in Multifamily Real Estate

(35:00) Closing Thoughts and Key Takeaways from Retcon 2024

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