Fiona Forward: Making Strides in the Denver Community

Drum roll please!
Your Q4 2021 Fiona Forward wrap-up is here!

Wow! What a few months it has been for Digible’s Fiona Forward program. While the beginning of 2021 had Fiona Forward focused on Digible’s employees and the overall company culture through remote events and challenges to stay active, the second half of the year and Digible returning to the office brought wind to new interests and possibilities. With the world opening back up a little bit, the Fiona Forward team dug deeper into our goal of being a catalyst for progressive change in the Denver Community.

Kicking off the quarter, our October event was in partnership with Food For Thought Denver. A group of Digible employees joined other volunteers before work on a brisk fall morning and packed PowerSacks for the students at 72 schools in the Denver area, ensuring these students get enough to eat throughout the weekend. Their simple (but impactful) mission is to fill the weekend hunger gap. It may have been the bumping eighty’s classics or the inspirational pre-packing pep talk; many Fiona Forward members were so motivated by the mission that they have returned to pack meals with friends and family. 

Fiona Forward chose to devote its efforts to Spark the Change Colorado in November. Together we measured, weighed, and sealed 8,000 meals to be sent to people-in-need throughout the Denver metro area. In between packing these meals, we found time to snap some pictures and even jump on the latest TikTok trend.

2021 was a spirited and fulfilling year for Fiona Forward, and we cannot wait for what’s to come in 2022!

As the pandemic began to ramp up again in December, the Fiona Forward crew was a bit limited to what they could do, but we always find a way to make a change! Instead of choosing an in-person volunteer event, we decided to put together Cold Care Kynd Kits for those experiencing homelessness. These kits had items selected specifically in preparation for the cold-weather season. We packed hats, socks, gloves, moisturizer, lip balm, and more into our Kynd Kits, and with winter in full swing, each of us took a few to distribute on our commute routes. 

Fiona Forward also attended a Special Olympics Bowling social event, along with our larger monthly events this quarter. After working with the organization in June, we wanted to continue our support and, of course, do a little bowling as well! No matter the event or the organization, big or small, the members of Fiona Forward always show up, bringing unmatched energy and a united spirit. We attribute a large portion of our success this year to our Fiona Forward leader, Abby Glaessner. Not only do we love and appreciate her, but she also received the Fiona Forward Award at 2021 DigiAwards. Congrats, Abby!

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