Fiona Forward: Closing the Year with Community Cheer

To wrap up Q4 of 2023, it’s only appropriate to celebrate Fiona Forward’s monumental year of impact and finalizing their Vision Traction Organizer, the guiding light of the employee-volunteer initiative and long-term mission and goals. With this detailed outline put in place, the members were able to achieve the following measurable impacts in 2023.
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Fiona Forward: Q4 2023 Impact

With the jam-packed holiday season in full effect, Fiona Forward took hold of the momentum, contributing a whopping 4,099 Donation Dollars and 48.75 Service Hours toward fighting the barriers to housing stability in Q4 2023.

Denver Community Events & In-Kind Donations

Just before the first snow of the season, Fiona Forward members let their creative flags fly by tie-dyeing baby onesies for Denver moms for the Denver Health Foundation: Newborns in Need event. Thanks to our volunteers, 50 tots are now beaming in bright colors in the Mile High City wearing their one-of-a-kind colorful garbs!.


Our Fiona Forward volunteers tie dye onesies for Newborns in Need, a program by Denver Health Foundation, that helps families in need. #fionaforward #denvercommunity #newbornsinneed #denverhealth #employeevolunteering

♬ Colors - James Anaya

Continuing the tot trend, Fiona Forward coordinated another holiday Toy Donation Drive for Mile High United Way and spent a morning supervising their Holiday Shop to personally help kiddos select their new toys in real-time.


The Gathering Place & Notable News

Sophie Lippman and Taylor Norberg celebrated Taylor’s birthday with an inspiring behind-the-scenes tour of the organization’s Colfax day shelter. The gals learned that the facility is structured following Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, meaning the first level of the building meets a person’s basic needs such as hygiene and essential products and as the levels ascend the visitors will address their more complex needs such as career development. The visit coincided with the incredibly exciting announcement that The Gathering Place has been approved to develop a 44-unit micro-community, Elati Village, in the heart of Denver!

What is Hygiene Poverty & Hygiene Insecurity

Hygiene poverty is characterized by the inability to afford essential hygiene products and often goes unrecognized by policymakers despite its significant impact on individuals’ well-being. This oversight parallels the historical lack of recognition for food insecurity before the establishment of programs like SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program).

What’s Next for the Denver Community?

2024 will be an exciting year to serve the community, donate to our partners, and continue education about housing instability with Fiona Forward. The Leadership Team will be joined by additional members who are passionate about the mission and will focus efforts on boosting remote participation across the nation.

Want to partner or learn more about Fiona Forward? Contact [email protected] for partnership opportunities.

Fiona Forward is an employee-driven volunteer initiative at Digible aimed at addressing the barriers to housing stability in the Denver community through community service and in-kind donations.

Written By: Taylor Norberg

Written By: Taylor Norberg

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