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Matt Slankard

Matt (aka Slank) brings 3 years of digital marketing experience, 3 years of housing and multifamily experience, and 3 years of project management experience with 10 years of leadership experience. Before Digible, Matt held various leadership roles in the outdoor industry including a Director role for Americorps and a Management role at a ski resort. While pursuing professional growth and opportunities within the outdoor tourism world, Matt was also a freelance filmmaker, photographer, and podcast producer. Matt landed an operations role in employee housing, which paved the way for him to join the Digible crew.

Matt considers himself a ‘Jack of all Trades’, and Digible is the perfect place to flourish in various realms of digital marketing. Being part of the Paid Media team allows Matt to analyze the data, and then create meaningful solutions that will have a direct impact on the client’s success.

Matt earned his Bachelor of Arts in outdoor adventure filmmaking with an emphasis in business management from Cal Poly Humboldt.

Matts is an outdoor enthusiast and spends his free time partaking in adventurous activities that would give the average person heart palpitations. If there’s snow, he’s snowboarding. If it’s wet, whitewater kayaking or rafting on the Grand Canyon. If it’s dry, he’s mountain biking or climbing. If he’s kicking back and relaxing, then he’s playing video games or Dungeons and Dragons with friends.

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