Best Tips for Apartment Marketing in 2024

The apartment industry must begin thinking about how to adapt to market changes. We uncover three tips for Apartment Marketing in 2024 by leveraging Organic Media, personalization coupled with AI, multichannel marketing, and Fair Housing compliance in the digital age.
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Tips and Trends for Multifamily 2024


Article Updated May 2024


It seems like every week we see a new must-have in tech trends. You may be thinking, “How do I stay on top of marketing trends in the multifamily industry with so many advances in technology?” What about allocating budget in the right channels? Not to worry, we break down the changing landscape of apartment marketing and how you can adapt and implement these updates to your marketing matrix while getting the best bang for your marketing dollar. 


Key Takeaways


The apartment industry must begin thinking about how to adapt to market changes or risk facing a disconnect with future customers. Embracing new tech and harness the power of it for your apartment marketing mix.

    • Multi Channel Marketing: You know the saying, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Ensure your properties include diverse channels and organic media strategy to attract and retain residents.

    • Personalization Coupled with AI: In an era of information overload, personalized marketing cuts through the noise. Combine human touch points and AI for follow-up and automation to meet future residents where they are.

    • Monitor Your Digital Footprint: In addition to on-site team FHA education, ensure your websites, ads, and social media verbiage are in accordance with Fair Housing laws, and we’ve got your back with our Fiona Fair Housing Tool.

Hybrid Intelligence with Multifamily AI

AI is not going to replace the human experience when it comes to apartment marketing, rather, leverage your team to do what they are great at, like fostering on-site connections and resident events and let AI take care of repetitive tasks. Most importantly, not missing a beat when following up with future residents. 


Property Technology

  • Better known as ‘Proptech’,  is the application of information technology and platform economics to the real estate industry. We’re seeing more conversational AI — use of chatbots, messaging apps, and voice-based assistants in combination with machine learning to automate communication with future residents. Therefore creating a more efficient workflow for on-site teams, data analysis through CRM, and seamless communication with customers blending technology and human touchpoints to ensure the resident process is authentic.

Automated Google Posts

  • Your property’s Google Business profile is the new “front door” for your apartment communities. Prospective residents often get their first impression or interaction through GBP, from map views and floorplans to photo galleries and property reviews. 

    Strengthen your property’s Google Business Profile and increase engagement through automated daily Google Posts. Google Posts, which allow communities to promote content and offers directly with their prospects in the local panel on Google Search and on Google Maps. Properties also increased phone calls and website referrals from their Google Business Profile by as much as 169% and 199%, respectively.

GBP example

Leverage Organic Media for Your Apartment Community

Organic Media — think SEO, Social Media, and Reputation Management — are the organic, granola-crunching cousin of Paid Media, however, it’s crucial to have these strategies in place for your apartment community to attract, engage, and retain residents for a well-rounded multi-channel marketing mix. And remember, Organic Media is a marathon, not a sprint. 

Optimizing SEO for Multifamily

  • We can’t all show up on the first page of Google, but with a strong, long-term SEO strategy, or search engine optimization, finding the right keywords and phrases your target audience is using when they search on Google or other search engines. Knowing these keywords allows you to add them to the copy on your multifamily property websites so your sites get ranked higher on organic search results. These websites get more visibility and let’s be honest, how many times have you gone to the second or third page on Google? Local SEO needs to be prioritized in your marketing strategy and one of the first steps you might want to take is claiming your Google Business Profile. 



Organic Social Strategy for Multifamily

  • Apartment-related content has over a billion views collectively on YouTube and TikTok. That’s why social media marketing is probably one of those apartment marketing ideas you can’t skip in your strategy. 

    Not only building a strong presence but attracting Gen Z renters as well.  social media marketing for apartments tends to be focused on Instagram and TikTok. Luckily with Instagram, you can easily share your posts on Facebook.

    Apartment marketing needs to be more creative in order to get the attention of Gen Z renters. They will look at your competitors before deciding so you need to make sure you stand out and show how your community can be their future home. And with recent updates, you can manage your social links on your Google Business Profile, increasing visibility and traffic.

Organic Social Example


Online Presence and Reputation Management for Multifamily

  • Your online reputation can be a make-it-or-break-it for potential residents, with over 80% of apartment seekers referring to reviews during the consideration stage, you’ll want to take your online presence seriously. Actively manage and monitor online reviews on platforms like, Google, and social media. Respond promptly to feedback, both positive and negative, to showcase your commitment to resident satisfaction and take feedback seriously. A stellar online reputation can be a significant differentiator in a competitive market. Now is a great time to proactively ask for reviews to be sure you have fresh reviews leading into 2024.


Video Content Cross-Channel

  • Video is Key: It’s here to stay. By simplifying and enhancing the videos for the touring process for future residents through real-time solutions such as live video tours, virtual open houses, and pre-recorded videos. This opens up opportunities for apartment seekers moving from out of state and is great for sharing videos cross-channel, from social media to your website, this allows renters to gain a deeper insight into the property, and amenities and supports the overall marketing funnel and conversion goals. 
    • Have limited assets for video? Ask our team, we’re here to lend a hand.

Mitigate Risk with Fair Housing Compliance

If you have multiple properties across the nation, it can be challenging to stay up-to-date with local, state, and national property management regulations and ensure your digital marketing efforts and practices are compliant. This not only ensure legal compliance but builds trust with your audience, so it’s crucial to ensure your verbiage and on-site teams are in accordance with Fair Housing regulations.  

 Staying Ahead of Multifamily Trends

To stay competitive and stand out to tech-savvy renters in 2023, high-quality assets, engaging content, and most importantly, authenticity. 

1. Having virtual tours that weave storytelling to capture your audience’s attention while highlighting apartment features, community amenities, and location or enlisting a chatbot to engage with prospective renters

2. Social Media, particularly Instagram and TikTok are gaining attention from renters, as this gives bite-size insights into life at the property. Online video content will make up more than 82% of online traffic. With summer around the corner, a quality video gives you an opportunity to show off your apartment amenities. 

3. Keep in mind that with new channels, ensure your multifamily website speed and best practices are optimal. An optimized website for property management can make the difference between filling your vacancies and spending another month scrambling to find renters.

Where Do I Begin?

Wondering where to start? Contact us to learn more about how we can help you with your apartment marketing needs today!

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