Why You Should Post Daily on Google Business Profile

How to Amplify Your Organic Presence

Utilizing daily posts within your Google Business Profile (GBP) is a great way to increase your listing’s overall visibility, while also helping to drive more qualified organic leads to your website.

What is Google Business Profile (GBP)?

GBP is a free service provided by Google that allows businesses to control the information in their online profiles, manage and respond to reviews, learn more about potential customers, and rank higher in the SERPs. GBP is an important aspect of a business’s local SEO

What are Google Posts?

Google Posts are a feature within GBP that allows businesses to create content directly within the search engine results page (SERPs).

Over the course of three months and using 15 Digible accounts, we examined the impact that posting daily can have on a property’s Google listing. We compared the data from our test period to the previous year’s data. In our analysis, we aimed to discover if there was any correlation between an account’s daily Google posts and a property’s organic presence.

Our Findings

Google Business Profile DataAvg Total searchesAvg Direct searchesAvg Discovery searchesAvg Total viewsAvg Search viewsAvg Maps viewsAvg Total actionsAvg Website actionsAvg Directions actionsAvg Phone call actions
2021 40343163942394963861168784698422591263671326
2022 40799157942500564246145514969522871177765344
% change (2021 v 2022)1%-4%4%1%-16%5%1%-7%12%5%

Organic Google Analytics DataAvg SessionsAvg Bounce RateAvg Pages / SessionAvg Session DurationAvg Goal Conversion RateAvg Goal Completions
2021 208331%4.623621%461
2022 208430%5.024228%610
% change (2021 v 2022).02%-3%8%3%24%24%

Conclusion: Daily Google Business Profile posts can help overall SEO

Adding daily posts to a client’s GBP can help increase the listing’s overall visibility, while also helping drive more qualified organic leads to the client’s website. We can expect a client’s property to start seeing an increase in their organic presence within 3 months of the start of their campaign. 

GBP-Specific Conclusions

Adding daily posts to your GBP listing can help increase the visibility of your GBP listing. During our test period, we have seen an increase in total searches, direct searches, discovery searches, and total profile views on the SERPs and in Google Maps, along with an increase in directions clicks.

Website Specific Conclusions

Adding daily posts to your GBP listing can help increase quality organic traffic. With the implementation of daily posts, we saw an increase in organic conversion rate, goal completion, as well as a lower bounce rate.

Main Takeaways

  1. Map Views Increase

Posting daily on GBP can increase map views for a property’s listing. We saw that this optimization on the listing could add an average of a 5% increase in map views. 

  1. Increase in Quality Traffic

Based on data collected from Google Analytics, results yielded that users were more likely to visit more pages, stay on-site longer, and convert.

Digible’s Google Post Strategy

At Digible, we recognize the importance of utilizing GBP metrics as a ranking signal for businesses in the local map pack. Through the implementation of GBP posts, we are able to effectively address general questions from residents, maintain a strong brand presence, and encourage ongoing engagement within the profile. By creating informative and rich posts, we enhance the knowledge available within the GBP.

Our enhanced Google Posts strategy allows us to keep searchers and future residents informed by providing detailed information on available units, location details, individual apartment amenities, as well as complex and community information. We are dedicated to utilizing this strategy in a manner that will best benefit our clients’ brand while also providing valuable information to potential renters.

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