It’s Gen Z’s World and We’re Just Living In It: Why Multifamily Needs TikTok


Overview: TikTok is Here to Stay

TikTok is here to stay, but why? TikTok has built its community by connecting users with content creators curated for the user’s specific interests. Unlike other social platforms, TikTok is built for short-form video content that can be quickly consumed by the user and is easy to understand, encouraging continuous scrolling and use. What’s a few more videos, right? With TikTok’s largest audience, Gen Z, or Zoomers, becoming a key part of the economy, *ahem*a whopping $360 billion in buying power, marketers need to know how to capture the attention of this audience and the ways they interact with the digital world.

Pro tip: Zoomers want you to meet them where they are.


Do I have to dance?

While TikTok’s rise to popularity began with an emphasis on dance trends, the app has evolved far beyond that. Dancing is not required, but we encourage as much “authentic” interaction as possible. Gen Z does not respond well to something they perceive as fake or forced. In fact, Gen Z survey respondents attributed authenticity as one of the largest reasons for their app use. It’s important to have a relatable way to reel users in (sorry, Mark Zuckerberg, but we aren’t talking about IG right now). Some of the best ways multifamily marketers can accomplish this are through trending sounds and walk-through videos. Check out this phenomenal example of a South Carolina property’s Organic TikTok content that shows off the community. Or, this fun example of a New Mexico property’s Organic video, which used a trending sound and referenced one of Gen Z’s favorite movies to show off their property amenities.


Should I be posting organically to TikTok?

Short answer, yes.

Long answer, you don’t want to go too long without posting, or Gen-Z may not engage if they think an account is inactive. If your team is able to commit to keeping the TikTok vision alive with 1 – 2 organic posts per month, this is a beautiful platform to build your community. It all comes back to authenticity, and Gen Z wants to see creators who are actively participating and engaging with their interests. The best advice for posting organically: Get out there and start recording! Don’t worry about the views, likes, or comments, just focus on showing off your property through easily accessible content.
If posting organically isn’t your forte right now, you can also utilize TikTok advertising. Unlike Facebook advertising, you don’t need an organic TikTok page to run ads. You can also outsource this to an agency…*wink wink*


Tell me more! What should I expect with TikTok ads?

TikTok ads are a fantastic brand awareness tool TikTok Marketing Science Global found that 1 in 4 users have purchased or researched a product after seeing it on TikTok. Our primary ad type is In-Feed Ads that are served on the users’ “For You Page”, or “FYP” (did you feel hip reading that?). Like organic TikTok content, these ads are a full-page experience with a 9:16 video and sound. There are clickable CTAs available during the ad and at the end. When the user clicks the CTA, it takes them to the property’s web page where they can continue learning about your brand.


Gen Z TikTok stats

Ok, you’ve convinced me. What’s next?

Reach out to your Digible team to help formulate your TikTok strategy! We have all the resources necessary to get started filming and advertising for TikTok.  Want to get a head start? Sign up for a TikTok account and start watching (don’t worry boss, it’s research!)…but beware…it’s addicting. Are you feeling advanced? You can also check out our How to Film a TikTok Video for tips and tricks on filming content.

Your Digible team is ready to help guide your brand awareness strategy with the most downloaded app in the world. Reach out today for more details on getting started with TikTok ads.


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