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Cherry Johnson

Cherry brings four years of extensive marketing expertise, encompassing a diverse array of disciplines such as digital marketing, strategic partnerships, branding, and event management. Notably, her repertoire includes a year of specialized experience in the multifamily sector, where she honed her skills in catering to the unique demands of the dynamic industry.

Prior to joining Digible, Cherry held a pivotal role overseeing marketing operations for a software development firm. Her responsibilities spanned a wide spectrum, from spearheading the expansion of their extensive website to orchestrating a successful rebranding initiative. She played a central role in cultivating and nurturing strategic partnerships, crafting compelling content, and creating impactful event marketing campaigns. In addition to wearing multiple hats within this dynamic environment, she also had the privilege of spearheading advertising campaigns, optimizing SEO strategies, and curating engaging content for Meg Harper Art, further diversifying her skill set and breadth of experience.

Cherry earned her Bachelor of Science in communication disorders from Brigham Young University and her Master’s Degree in digital marketing from Simplilearn.

When not at work, you’ll likely find Cherry tearing up the trails on her mountain bike and soaking in the beauty of nature. She also enjoys letting creativity flow through digital drawing and oil painting. As a proud mama to three amazing kids and the caretaker of a bunch of lively plants, she finds real joy in the simple pleasures of life.

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