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Joe Glenn

Joe brings seven years of SEO experience and two years in multifamily marketing. Before his role at Digible, Joe specialized in reputation management, aiding various national firms and individuals in enhancing their digital presence. His extensive freelance experience with local businesses also contributed to his proficiency in SEO and digital marketing strategies. Joe’s diverse background, encompassing web development and social media, equips him with a well-rounded skill set, making him a valuable asset in his current focus on local SEO within the multifamily industry.

Joe’s professional passion lies in utilizing technological advancements to achieve measurable outcomes in digital marketing. He is particularly skilled in programming and web development, which enables him to develop effective technical SEO strategies that improve online presence. His proficiency in SEO reporting provides critical insights that guide strategic decision-making, ensuring alignment with business goals.

Joe earned his Bachelor’s of Science in business administration with a minor in management.

Away from the office, Joe’s leisure time is filled with activities that feed his soul. He’s an avid traveler, always ready for his next adventure, and a keen reader who loves getting lost in the pages of a book. His dog Riley is his loyal companion, whether they’re out for a walk or just enjoying some downtime at home. Joe also has a passion for cooking, where he experiments with new flavors and dishes. When he’s in the mood for a mental challenge, he turns to coding, immersing himself in the intricate world of programming.

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