How Instagram’s Latest Algorithm Changes Will Impact Multifamily Marketing Strategies

Learn about the latest Instagram algorithm changes and how it will influence social media strategies for the multifamily industry.

What Multifamily Marketers Need to Know About Instagram’s Latest Update 

With Instagram’s recent major algorithm update, the social media landscape is set to undergo a significant transformation. This shift could potentially impact multifamily property management groups and individual properties that rely on the platform for lead generation and brand awareness. As the multifamily industry leverages Instagram as a tool to showcase their offerings and engage with potential residents, it’s essential to understand how this algorithmic change will influence their social media strategies moving forward.

What's Changing with Instagram's Algorithm?

Instagram’s new algorithm focuses on originality. The platform is cracking down on repetitive content as explained by Instagram,

“First, when we find two or more identical pieces of content on Instagram, we will only recommend the original one. This means that the original content will directly replace the reposted content in recommendations. We will only take this approach when the original content is relatively new, and we are confident that the content is a match based on audio and visual signals. We won’t replace content if it has been changed in a significant way, for instance, if it’s materially edited to become a meme, a parody compilation, narrated with a new voiceover, or remixed to express a reaction.”


To combat reposted content, Instagram has made two changes:

  • First, if the platform does find content that has been reposted more than ten times in 30 days, it will remove it from the ‘Explore’ and main feed recommendations. This move aims to declutter user feeds and highlight unique, original content.

  • Second, a label linking the reposted content to the original creator will be added and remain visible to the followers of the account reposting it. Currently, if either the original creator or the reposting account wishes to remove this label, they can do so by tapping the three dots menu on the content.

  • Creators will receive notifications when their original posts replace reposts in recommendations. However, this change does not affect publishers with licensing agreements or permissions, ensuring legally curated reposts still have a place.

instagram update
Instagram’s new label feature for reposted content (image via Instagram)

Why This Matters for Multifamily Properties?

  • This Instagram update is crucial for multifamily social media accounts, especially those that rely on reposting to keep their profiles active. Accounts that frequently repost might see their visibility drop, making it harder to reach new tenants.

  • For apartments and rental properties that showcase stock photos, local businesses, and nearby events – this could mean rethinking your content strategy. Emphasizing originality and creating engaging, unique content is now more important than ever.

Leveling the Playing Field with Algorithm Changes

  • The new ranking algorithm aims to give all creators an equal chance to be seen, regardless of their follower count. This change can help smaller multifamily accounts compete more effectively by focusing on quality and originality.

  • Instagram’s system will test content with small audience groups before wider distribution, based on performance. This means engagement and originality will be key to reaching more people. Multifamily properties need to pivot to creating unique, captivating content that resonates with their audience.

Instagram’s ranking system for content recommendations (image via Instagram)

5 Tips for Adapting to the Instagram Algorithm Changes

  • High-Quality Visuals: Use unique, stunning photos and videos of your property that capture the essence of your properties.

  • Customized Templates: Create curated graphics and templates for your hyperlocal content.

  • Interactive Features: Utilize polls, quizzes, and stories to engage your audience beyond just posting on your feed.

  • Authenticity and Innovation: Craft content that is both original and true to your brand.

  • Property and Neighborhood Photoshoot: If you prefer to avoid branded templates, focus on capturing your property and the neighborhood through high-quality photography. Hire a professional photographer for polished images or conduct a DIY photoshoot using natural light and various angles.

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Staying Ahead of Social Media Updates

Need support with your organic social strategy in the ever-evolving social media landscape?

Digible Organic Social Media Strategists create more engaging and strategic content, multifamily accounts can elevate their digital storytelling and showcase their community’s unique vibrancy. This not only gives communities a competitive edge but also creates a lasting digital presence that appeals to both current and prospective tenants. Adapting quickly and strategically will help multifamily properties thrive on any social media platform, especially Instagram.

Written By: Tatiana Delima

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