Google Rolls Out SGE AI-Powered Overviews: A Paradigm Shift in Marketing

Google's announcement regarding the rollout of SGE AI-Powered Overviews is a significant milestone in digital marketing and implications for SEO campaigns.
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What This Means for Multifamily & Single Family Rentals and Their SEO Campaigns. 

Google’s recent announcement regarding the rollout of SGE AI-Powered Overviews marks a significant milestone in the realm of digital marketing. As a multifamily apartment marketing agency, we must dissect this development and understand its implications for our clients and their SEO campaigns.


Understanding Search Generative Experience Overviews

SGE AI-Powered Overviews represent a sophisticated integration of artificial intelligence into Google’s search engine capabilities. This technology aims to provide users with comprehensive overviews of multifamily apartment listings directly within the search results.

SGE (Search Generative Experience) results typically contain comprehensive overviews of multifamily apartment listings directly within the search results. These overviews aim to provide users with essential information about apartment properties without needing to navigate to individual listing websites. This causes concern about clickthrough rates and website visitor metrics. But SGE results can also pull in very valuable pieces of information from social profiles, videos, rich snippets, and more. This could enhance an optimized campaign in the long run.

Let's Look at What SGE Results May Include for Apartments & Single Family Rentals

  • More Property Information –  Basic details about the apartment complex, such as its name, location, and contact information, are typically featured prominently in SGE results. This allows users to quickly identify the property and obtain essential contact details for further inquiries.

  • Amenities and Feature Lists – SGE results often highlight the amenities and features offered by the apartment complex. This may include information about apartment layouts, community facilities (e.g., swimming pools, fitness centers), pet policies, parking availability, and more.

  • Pricing & Availability – Users may also find information about pricing and availability within SGE results. This may include starting rental rates for different apartment units, as well as details about move-in specials or promotions. In this case, it’s very important to keep your website information current and up to date.
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Image Credit: image above is from the LinkedIn Article “SGE’s Impact on Local Results”
  • Visual Content – This one is huge! Visual content such as photos and/or videos of the apartment complex may be included to provide users with a glimpse of the property’s appearance and atmosphere. High-quality imagery (no stock images) can significantly enhance the user experience and increase engagement. Imagine a video walkthrough of an available layout being readily available to someone looking for just that type of 2 bedroom rental in your neighborhood. I anticipate visuals are going to play a role in increased traffic through this format.

  • User Reviews & Ratings – SGE results can incorporate user reviews and ratings to provide users with insights into the experiences of previous tenants. Positive reviews and high ratings can help build trust and credibility, potentially influencing users’ decisions. This could come in the format of the claimed Google Map Listing, but it could also grab reviews from, Yelp, and other highly visible review platforms. Social media posts can even feature actual comments about the property that are used to showcase what it’s like to actually live there. This could go both ways, however, so keeping a solid pulse check on renter happiness is going to be important.

  •  Depending on the specific implementation, SGE results may include additional information such as floor plans, virtual tours, neighborhood highlights, and more. This is exciting as a marketer because comprehensive overview results that provide users with all the information they need to evaluate the property and make informed decisions have the potential to result in increased leads and more leases signed based on the information renters found in these highly informative SGE results.

Impact of SGE Visibility

For multifamily apartment properties with optimized websites and online profiles, the introduction of SGE AI-powered overviews could significantly impact their online visibility. With listings being showcased more prominently within Google search results, properties have the potential to show up in these types of new search results and capture the attention of a larger audience of prospective tenants.


One of the key benefits of Search Generative Experience Overviews is the improved user experience it offers. Users can now access essential information about multifamily apartment properties directly within the search results, streamlining the apartment-hunting process. This enhanced user experience could lead to higher engagement rates and increased inquiries for our clients’ properties.

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Image above uses photo carousels which will be prominent in SGE results

Optimizing Generative Engine Optimization Campaigns

As apartment SEO experts, we need to adapt our strategies to leverage the generative engine optimization opportunities presented by SGE AI-powered overviews. Optimizing our clients’ listings for visibility within these overviews will be paramount. This may involve refining listing content, optimizing images, and ensuring accurate and up-to-date information is provided.


In a competitive market landscape, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for success. Embracing innovative technologies like SGE Overviews allows us to differentiate our clients’ properties and SEO campaigns. By embracing this technology and adapting our strategies accordingly, we can ensure that our clients remain at the forefront of multifamily apartment marketing.

The rollout of SGE AI-Powered Overviews by Google represents a paradigm shift in multifamily apartment SEO. At Digible, we understand that it’s our responsibility to capitalize on this development and leverage it to enhance the visibility and success of our client’s properties. By embracing this technology and optimizing our SEO campaigns accordingly, we can drive tangible results and deliver enhanced value to our clients in the multifamily apartment market. Want to know more? Contact one of our Digible marketing specialists and ask about our available SEO services.

Written By: Tammy Smith

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