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Tammy Smith

Tammy is an SEO manager at Digible. Tammy has been in the digital marketing industry since 2008. She started in the website design department at a local Denver-area marketing agency, and made a move to their SEO department two years later. She hasn’t looked back since! She worked on SEO and digital marketing for surgeons, lawyers, and dentists for over a decade and did a lot of freelance digital marketing and consulting as a side hustle. Tammy has been in the multifamily industry since 2020.

Tammy has worked on fundraising for a couple of local non-profits including the Carson J Spencer Foundation and the Start Talking Network. She also enjoyed time as a teen mentor for JUC.

Tammy has been in several programs including earning an AA in Video & Audio Production from the Colorado Art Institute, a communications major at the Metropolitan State University of Denver, and she earned a Certification for Web Design from Red Rocks Community College.

Outside of her work, Tammy loves hobby gaming (board games and tabletop RPGs). She DMs two TTRPG games, and plays in one other. She also has a local game group that plays board games about twice a month and you can catch her at local conventions playing (and even running) game events!

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