Multifamily Digital Marketing Strategy for Class A Apartments in Minnesota

Multifamily Digital Marketing Strategy for Class A Apartments in Minnesota
Multifamily Digital Marketing Strategy for Class A Apartments in Minnesota

Marketing Funnel for Class A Apartments

We dive into what your marketing funnel distribution should be for Class A properties in the Twin Cities metro area in Minnesota.

Class A properties are defined as being less than 10 years old and are upscale, luxury apartments with higher average rents and located in desirable geographic areas with unique architectural features.

Fast Facts for Class A Apartments in the Twin Cities

  1. Longer Lead-to-Lease:  Class A properties have up to a 4 Month Longer lead-to-lease cycle which means more time for upper funnel strategies.

  2. Budget Distribution: Our budget recommendation is Upper Funnel (Awareness): 40%;  Mid Funnel (consideration): 20%; Lower Funnel (conversion): 40%

  3.  Paid Strategy: We recommend social retargeting and continuing Paid Search despite high occupancy in order to remain competitive. 

  4. Organic Social: Social Media presence for your property yields the highest ROI and crucial at all stages of the marketing funnel. 

Paid Search Performance for Class A Apartments

Our team continuously optimizes marketing strategies, monitoring the performance of paid search campaigns for Class A Apartments for the Twin Cities metro area. We have noticed interesting trends and patterns, which we will analyze and highlight the specifics and strategy for optimal results for marketing campaigns. 

By Apartment Unit 

Class A studios have the highest cost-per-lead in paid search across all unit types. This is due to higher competition for a smaller pool of interested renters in this market.

By Neighborhood

Most of our class A properties are located in Uptown and Bde Maka Ska, however despite the lower Click-Through-Rate (CTR), Uptown currently outperforms all other neighborhoods.

Class A Absorption

"Uniquely among price classes, Class A net absorption fell in the quarter relative to last year (2023). The labor market remains tight, but more than 200,000 additional people have been added to the ranks of multiple jobholders nationally in just the last two months. Inflation has come down from its peak but rose slightly in March and has put the potential for rate cuts in the near term into question."

Paid Social Strategy for Class A Apartments

Overall we didn’t see much difference in performance between class types with paid social campaigns in the Twin Cities. Two big major factors to keep in mind when creating paid social ads in Minnesota are: 


  • Highlighting points of interest in the neighborhood, and proximity to local attractions like:

    • Lakes

    • Bike trails 

    • Parks nearby

  • Showcase high-demand amenities with seasonality in mind

    • Covered parking
    • Communal spaces and grills
    • Co-working space

Paid Media Examples

Organic Social Strategy for Class A Properties 

In the case additional or larger budgets for paid media aren’t a possibility, Organic Social is the highest return on investment (ROI) in the multifamily industry. Your staff and in-house teams can contribute quickly and with less effort to these channels and focus on on-site community building and residents. That social media is no longer an afterthought, but a crucial component of your marketing mix and meets future residents in the consideration stage while giving them real-time insights into life at your property and unique community features.


Organic Social Example

 Your Minnesota Multifamily Marketing Strategy for Class A

Having a robust marketing mix for your Class A apartments in the Twin Cities is crucial for hitting occupancy goals and understanding the nuances between other class properties. 

Questions? We’re here to support you with your Minnesota marketing strategy. Connect with one of our experts

Written By: Kayde Pierce

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