EP73: Recap – AIM Reconnect 2021

Last week, the Apartment Innovation and Marketing Conference, aka the AIM conference, held another virtual chapter, AIM RECONNECT. Representing DIgible, David and Reid conducted a round table session on fair housing. In today’s episode, David and Reid recap the highlights of the event, their favorite sessions, and what they learned throughout the virtual conference.

David & Reid dive into the discussion, talking about the background of the event, the way it was arranged, and some of the sessions. They dive into one of the key points they learned in the event, which is dealing with having to iterate the same set of things over and over again and how to keep your mind excited while iterating.

Conducting a virtual session is quite different from an in-person session and having a virtual session has its own unique perks. David talks about how the virtual event experience was for him and why he loved the chat option so much. Moving on to the guests, David and Reid talk about some of the guests who made the event interesting, including Robert Turnbull from BetterBot, our guest for episode 65 of the Digible Dudes.

In the last part of the episode, David and Reid dive into the technologies developed by businesses that attended the event. They talk about how the impact of these new technologies and what they think about the future and sustainability of the new technologies.

[01:10] The Event and the Keynotes – David & Reid start the conversation with a brief review of the background of the AIM Reconnect 2021 and its sessions.

[08:00] Dealing with Repetition – David gets into an aspect of business leadership where leaders have to keep repeating the same things over and over again. They talk about how it relates to the event and how to deal with it in business work.

[12:00] Virtual vs. In-Person – Due to the current situation, the event was conducted as a virtual event. David talks about how the experience felt different and some of the cool benefits of having a virtual event as opposed to an in-person event.

[16:00] Guests – David and Reid talk about some of the interesting guests who went the extra mile to make their sessions more interactive and energetic.

[21:07] Digible’s Session – David and Reid conducted a roundtable session on fair housing. They talk about the key points discussed in the session.

[28:30] New Technologies – Sessions about new technologies that came up in the event and what David and Reid think about the future of them.

[39:00] Issues with Technologies – Reid talks about some of the issues he sees with the advertising technologies used in today’s real estate markets.

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