The Digible Dudes EP173: Virtual Tours in Multifamily – A New Frontier of Marketing?

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Join us for episode #172 of the Digital Dudes Podcast, where we dive into the intersection of AI, machine learning, and the multifamily sector with Tom Chomiak, CTO of LCP Media  and Co-Founder of TourBuilder.

In this insightful episode, our hosts David and Reid explore the transformative impact of AI on digital imagery and business operations. They engage in a deep dive with Tom about the evolution of virtual tours from Panoskin to Tour Builder, and how AI-driven enhancements are redefining photo quality and virtual interactions in the multifamily


Key Highlights & Takeaways:

  1. AI-Enhanced Imaging:   Discover how AI is revolutionising photo quality, making professional photography more accessible and efficient. Learn about the back-end processes that enhance images captured by simpler devices.
  2. Business Growth Challenges:   Insights into the scaling of a tech business, managing financial pressures, and the strategic partnerships that help navigate growth in a competitive landscape.
  3. Virtual Tour Evolution:   A look at the journey from Panoskin to Tour Builder, focusing on how customer feedback and technological advancements have shaped product development.
  4. Ethical AI Use:  Discussion on the ethical implications of AI in business, including potential job impacts and the responsible use of AI technologies.

Don’t miss this engaging conversation filled with valuable insights into the practical and ethical dimensions of AI in the multifamily industry.

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(00:00) Preview and Introduction

(02:56) Recollection of Early LCP 360 Marketing

(07:00) Tom’s background and how he joined LCP

(09:17)Transition from Panoskin to TourBuilder

(12:23) LCP’s Elevator Pitch and Virtual Tour Platform

(14:39) Partnership with Google Street View

(19:55) Product Development

(25:26) Challenges in Building a Bootstrapped Company

(28:09) AI and its Applications

(34:14) Concerns about AI taking over Jobs

(40:46) LCP’s Differentiation from Competitors

(44:54) Explaining the different TourBuilder products

(54:36) Unit tours vs Community tours

(58:17) Policies Around AI Image Enhancement

(01:02:52) Potential Integration of AI Leasing Bots

(01:08:25) VR Headset Virtual Tours and their Adoption

(1:11:34) Radical Implications of AI in the Next Decade

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