Digible Snack: Search Impression Share – How Impression Share Impacts Occupancy Rates

Paid search platforms such as Google are introducing new and smarter features every year to help advertisers get more sophisticated control over their ad campaigns. In today’s Digible Snack episode, we talk about another metric that comes in handy for paid search campaigns; Search Impression Share. Joining us today are two paid media specialists from Digible; Adam Walters, Director of Paid Media, and Megan Haase, Digital Strategy Lead at Digible. Throughout the episode, we talk all about how search impression share works and what we can learn from it.

We dive into the conversation with a brief review of what search impression share is, how it works, and what it tells us about the performance of a paid search campaign. Megan dives into the way they’ve been monitoring the search impression share for paid search campaigns of clients as a part of the study. We also talk about the relationship between the search impression shares and performance of campaigns, and the occupancy rates. Wrapping up the episode, Adam shares some tips and tricks that help you implement some of the learnings from this study in your paid search campaigns.

[00:17] Experiment – Adam and Megan share how they monitor the search impression share for clients and the experiment they conducted by combining it with some automation.

[01:52] The Philosophy – Adam shares how he views the value of the impression share metric with regard to the goals of an ad campaign.

[03:48] Impressions and Occupancy – Megan shares what she saw in the findings of this case study about how impression share correlated with the occupancy rate.

[05:04] Impact on ROI – Adam shares his thoughts on the impact impression shared had on the return on investment of a campaign.

[06:47] Takeaways – Megan and David share some of the key takeaways they learned from the study.

[09:20] Applications – Adam dives into how marketers can implement the new learnings from the study in their campaigns.

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