EP72: Amenify – Everett Lynn, Founder & CEO

We start the conversation by diving into Everett’s background prior to starting Amenify, the story of Amenify, and the unique value proposition Amenify offers to residents, communities, and service providers. Everett shares with us the nuts and bolts of their business model and what goes into choosing the services they provide and the services they don’t provide.

Starting a business venture at the wrong time can cause a lot of trouble for the business down the road. Everett shares with us some of the reasons and market trends that made him decide that 2016 is a good time to start this new venture. We also talk about their target market in terms of customers and partners.

Another crucial factor that affects the success of a business venture is the organizational structure. Everett shares with us how Amenify has designed its organizational structure, How they allocate their resources, and the priority they have gives for innovation, research, and development. Furthermore, we talk about the performance metrics utilized at Amenify to keep track of their success and some of the strategic plans they have for the next few months.

Towards the end of the episode, we talk about Amenify’s BHAG or the big hairy audacious goal for the next decade and the thought process behind deciding what that goal is. Wrapping up the episode, Everett shares some tips and tricks for those who plan to enter the property technology market and some of the books that have inspired Everett’s business journey.

[16:31] Getting to Know Amenify – Everett talks about his background in the tech industry, what Amenify offers and how the venture started and grew.

[20:57] The Value Proposition – Everett dives into what Ameify has included in their value proposition, their unique business model, and the way they’ve selected the services they provide.

[27:00] Right Timing for Business – Why timing is an important factor in starting a new business venture and why Everett thinks 2016 was the right time for them to start Amenify.

[30:07] Partnering, Customers, and the Target Market – Everett talks about the characteristics of their ideal customers and companies they want to partner with.

[38:07] Organizational Design – How Amenify has structured its resources, budget, and staff, and the way they prioritize their research and development.

[43:25] Evaluating Success – Everett dives into the way they set expectations for success and the performance metrics they use for evaluating their success.

[50:22] Future Direction – Everett shares his take on what their customer base looked like in the beginning and where Everett sees the industry heading, and how their trajectory may change according to new market conditions.

[57:18] Challenges & Competition – Some of the biggest challenges Amenify has to face in their business and the measures they take to stay competitive.

[1:07:17] The BHAG – Everett talks about the vision of Amenfy for the next ten years and what markets they hope to expand into.

[1:12:11] Innovation and Growth – How companies can make sure they’re pursuing the right innovations and keep their growth steady.

[1:17:03] Business Philosophy – Everett shares his take on the practices they do to maintain healthy relationships with their stakeholders and some tips & tricks for people who wish to get into the property technology industry.

[1:24:11] Books that Inspired Everett – Some of the books that heavily influenced Everett’s trajectory in different phases of his career.

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