Digible Snack: Branded Search Campaigns – Why Should You Run Them?

Branded search campaigns are a paid advertising tactics where a business can target search keywords that include or are related to relevant brand names. These ads are significantly less expensive compared to their branded counterparts, and running this type of ad gives several benefits to businesses. The Digible team has been experimenting with this tactic for some time, and on today’s snack episode, we talk all about branded search campaigns. Joining us today are two paid media specialists from Digible; Adam Walters, Director of Paid Media, and Megan Haase, Digital Strategy Lead at Digible.

We start the discussion by talking about how these ads are different from others and the purpose they serve in a sophisticated marketing strategy. We talk about the experiment conducted by the Digible team, the tactics they used, and what they observed in terms of form-fills, user sessions, bounce rate, session duration, and several other metrics. One of the most outstanding observations of this experiment was how branded search ads affected the form-fills. Adam talks about what may have contributed to this observation.

In the next section, we talk about writing ad copies for branded search ads, how to set up budgets, and allocating a healthy amount of money for branded search campaigns according to your marketing strategy. Wrapping up the episode, we talk about how the way users respond to ads has evolved over the years and what marketers should keep in mind about user behaviors.

[0:31] Why Brand Search – Megan dives into the conversation with a brief review of what brand search campaigns are and their purpose.

[01:42] The Experiment – What the Digible team observed when trying branded search campaigns in terms of user sessions, bounce rate, and other metrics.

[03:24] Form Fills – Adam shares his take on how the branded search campaigns affected the number of form-fills they got from ad campaigns and some of the possible reasons for this outcome.

[07:25] Ad Copy – How to prepare effective ad copies for branded search campaigns.

[09:06] Cost and Budgeting – How the cost of brand ads compare against non-brand, and how to prepare budgets according to your marketing strategy.

[12:24] User Evolution – How more and more users are developing a habit of skipping ads to look for organic content and how it affects the performance of ad campaigns.

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