EP117: The Future of Automation with Aptly

Conversational AI refers to the use of chatbots, messaging apps, and voice-based assistants in combination with machine learning to automate communication with customers for your brand. In today’s episode, we dive into the AI communication world with Sina Shekou, the Co-founder, and CEO of Aptly, which is the first AI-powered communication platform for intelligent resident conversations in real estate.

[08.35] Background Sina shares some background information about Aptly, how he got started with the software, and the intention of helping people in the real estate industry in Northern California.

[10.25] Getting Started– Sina shares how he got into the industry of building software for people who struggle with the real estate industry.

[16.30] Property Technology – Property technology, also known as Proptech, is the application of information technology and platform economics to the real estate industry.

[21.21] Learning from Entrepreneurs– Sina and Reid dive into the experience of working with entrepreneurs and learning from them.

[28.44] The Vision– Sina shares the vision they had before building the software, which seems to be finding a solution for a proper work management platform anchoring it around communication and the necessity of it because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

[33.33] CRM- Customer relationship management (CRM) is the process by which a company or other organization manages its interactions with customers, typically by analyzing large amounts of data.

[40.43] Competition– Sina talks about the competition they have with other companies in the same field, how they inspire their products to be better and how they are different.

[45.46] Investments Sina shares that being the master record of customers and being irreplaceable directs them toward investments.

[52.35] Workflow Automation- Workflow automation software is a low-code solution that uses machine learning and low-code applications to interact with commonly used third-party cloud solutions.

[58.07] Decision Tree Process A strong decision-making tool, decision tree analysis launches an organized, non-parametric approach to problem-solving. It makes it easier to assess and contrast the outcomes of the many options, as displayed in a decision tree. The most competitive alternative should be chosen.

[1.00.44] Jim Collins– James C. “Jim” Collins, an American researcher, writer, speaker, and consultant who specializes in business management, business sustainability, and growth, was born in 1958.

[1.08.08] Drawing Customers– Interacting with the customers by blending technology and human makes the process authentic which draws customers.

[1.12.15] 2050– Sina shares his thoughts about the future in the field and according to him, in the next 20-30 years people are going to take ownership of their identity and share it with people to get a better product out of it.

[1.23.15] Challenges Being replaceable is the biggest challenge in the field.

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