EP116: Digible’s 2022 Mid-Year Update

In this week of Digible Dudes, David and Reid discuss some major changes that have happened in the company, how they are adapting, some interesting books about building a company, along with an insight on what is on the horizon for Digible’s growth and future.

Starting the conversation, David and Reid share how Digible focused on hitting profitability this year and interesting client initiatives.

David shares his attitude about Fiona Calls; saying that it plays a huge part in the company’s future. They dive into Digible’s 30% growth in the past six months, the incremental hiring, and the challenges of navigating rapid growth.

David then talks about a couple of employee turnovers in Digible saying that the next phase of the career is important to people and it’s understandable in their perspective to seek new opportunities out there.

Reid and David then moved on to talk about the five stages of the decline of a business from the book, “How the Mighty Fall: And Why Some Companies Never Give in” by Jim Collins reveals that by starting to think about how a company falls, you can identify what to do and what not to do and also what stage your business is at currently.

David mentions a book by Simon Sinek called “The Infinite Game” and shares that according to the book, doing a business is an infinite game; there are no winners or losers. He explains the importance of focusing on short-term wins instead of long-term wins by illustrating a great example between Apple versus Microsoft based on the book.

Entering the final phase of the conversation, David and Reid share what they are most concerned about at the company and also they share that they do not only consider profitability or growth but the balance between them.

[05.06] Profitability– David and Reid share how Digible focused on hitting profitability but stayed on track this year.

[08.01] Fiona Calls– The software logs and monitors your calls using artificial intelligence, giving you insights into your most beneficial client interactions.

[13.51] Growth– 30% growth just in six months and how Digible is adapting to the situation.

[16.21] Employee Turnover– The act of replacing an existing employee with a new employee.

[16.21] Blitzscaling: The Lightning‑Fast Path to Building Massively– A book by Chris Yeh and Reid Hoffman about the science of rapidly building out a company to serve a global market.

[23.35] How the Mighty Fall– A book by Jim Collins about the five stages of the decline of a business.

[27.37] The Infinite Game– A book by Simon Sinek revealing a bold framework for leadership in the present changing world.

[37.28] Hiring– David shares hiring and investment as his main concerns for the company.

[39.29] Fair Housing– Reid shares Fair housing as his major concern for the company because it is becoming more and more real with a large number of properties.

[42.10] The Balance David and Reid talk about balancing both the profitability and growth in Digible.

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