EP115: Brothers Redevelopment

Brothers Redevelopment is a non-profit organization based in Colorado where low-income, elderly and disabled residents get affordable, accessible housing solutions. In today’s episode, we are having a conversation with Chad Nibbelink, Director, Volunteer Department at Brothers Redevelopment, Inc, and Abby Glaessner, Senior Paid Media Strategist in Digible. Throughout the episode, we dive into how Brothers Redevelopment started back in 1971, what are the challenges they faced in COVID-19 pandemic, why Colorado has become a housing destination, the transportation, challenges in the field, and building relationships with residents, and more.

Starting the conversation, Chad shares his experience in Brothers for the last 15 years. According to him, they started their work to provide affordable houses back in the day, but now they are trying to build a community where the residents have access to food, healthcare, education, etc.

Abby enters the conversation by sharing her experience with Metro Paint-A-Thon, an organization that volunteers to paint and repairs houses in the seven metro county area for those who are not able to do the maintenance themselves and cannot afford to hire a contractor. Chad shares his experience with the foreclosure crisis back in 2007 and what kinds of solutions they bought up to prevent that from happening again.

In the next phase, Both Chad and Abby talk about the importance of having a proper transportation system where the residents can travel to get to work, food, healthcare, etc. Wrapping up the conversation, Chad talks about the biggest challenges that they have to overcome as a non-profit organization and how they consider their job as a very part of who they are; they want to help people to be happy, safe, comfortable in their own house because it’s people, it’s human beings that matter when you look at the bigger picture.

[01.2] Brothers Redevelopment- Chad starts to share the background information of Brothers Redevelopment back in 1971 which had only four members from the start.

[04.03] Affordable housing and COVID- How COVID affects affordable housing.

[07.02] Different initiatives- Chad dives deep into the two organizations in Brothers; property management and property development and how they have evolved in the last 15 years.

[17.35] Metro Paint-A-Thon – Abby shares her experience with Metro Paint-A-Thon and how they try, not just to make a home for their customers but to keep them happy.

[24.11] Foreclosure Crisis- The foreclosure crisis is a period between 2007 and 2010 when property seizures in the U.S. housing market were drastically elevated.

[32.37] Why Colorado- The reasons why Colorado became a housing destination and what they do to make more improvements in the existing houses.

[37.17] Transportation- How important transportation is when it comes to living in a housing complex?

[42.02] The Biggest Challenges- The biggest challenge for Brothers is being competitive as a non-profit because funding is a huge challenge when it comes to non-profit organizations.

[44.01] Single Family VS Multifamily – The actions and resources that they need to take to maintain both the single and multifamily residents living happily in their houses.

[52.48] Building Relationships- How Brothers consider affordable housing as a part of them, part of their lives, not just a place to live because it’s all about people in the end.


Connect with Brothers Development

Website: brothersredevelopment.org


Brothers Redevelopment Volunteer Department 720-339-5864

The Colorado Housing connects helpline- 1-844-926-6632

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