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a simple but powerful partner for your work 

Fair Housing Tool

An industry pioneer to spot compliance issues.

Invaluable Insights

Data-driven decisions based on in-depth industry knowledge.

Budget Forecasting

With proprietary algorithms that factor for property type, occupancy, market trends, and more. 

Seamlessly Integrates

She knows how to connect to whatever you've got.

remove the guesswork, hire Fiona today

With Fiona's Marketing Operating System, a multifamily marketing manager or other marketing executive has the ability to plan, execute, optimize, and analyze strategic, customer-centric marketing programs that drive measurable business outcomes.

Fiona allows you to track your calls, she scans the web for fair housing violations, automatically generates and posts content on Google My Business, plans your new budget, and so much more.
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FionaCalls, our custom-built call tracking software

FionaCalls logo
FionaCalls is a custom-built software designed with multifamily in mind.

Using artificial intelligence, the platform monitors and tracks your calls and provides insight into your most valuable customer interactions. It allows you to see which of your campaigns are working and which need to be “disconnected”.

Dial into FionaCalls and you’ll be able to track your marketing performance, maximize your conversions, and make sure that your leasing team capitalizes on every opportunity.
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