The Digible Dudes EP118: Spotify Advertising: What you Need to Know

Spotify Advertising & Podcast Ads

In this episode of The Digible Dudes podcast, we discuss Podcasting has been in growing substantially over the last decade and Spotify seems to be taking on this opportunity to grow as an advertising platform, using advertising for podcasting. In this week’s episode of Digible Dudes podcast, we aim to explore Spotify advertising and what you need to know with Kara Lee; Paid Media Strategist at Digible, and Grace Harrison, Account Manager at Digible. Throughout the episode, we dive into how Spotify advertising works, some of the unique features available in Spotify advertising, and why advertisers in the multi-family space should be looking at Spotify advertising.
Starting the conversation, Kara and Grace introduce Spotify advertising and information like how it works, the duration of an advertisement, where they appear, and more. Spotify is a great experience for listeners because people can choose what they want to hear unlike radio, you can’t choose what you want to hear, you have to hear what the host chose to play. In that regard, radio is a passive platform for listeners and Spotify is an interesting one.
Podcast advertising on Spotify is gaining popularity because of the amazing opportunities to advertise like Q/A, and polls, and also retargeting brings out the best opportunity to engage with advertisements by Spotify itself.
Wrapping up the conversation, Reid dives into the differences between traditional and digital media buying, how difficult it is for the customers, and at last, what podcasts they most like to hear.
[06.58] What is Spotify Advertising Kara and Grace dive into how advertisements on Spotify operate, and how long and where they appear if you are on Spotify.
[12.07] Subscribers and Free Users– Kara shares the statistics of free and subscribed users currently on Spotify.
[15.13] Generational Difference– Kara and Grace dive into how their generation reacts to advertisements on social media.
[21.44] Property Type – How Spotify is great for brand awareness and how any type of advertising a property wants to do like new lease-up, property renovations, recruitment campaigns, etc will be captured by the correct audience.
[25.57] Spotify versus Radio– How radio is a passive experience when compared to Spotify.
[30.54] Production Cost – Reid and Grace dive into the difference between the production cost of radio and Spotify on advertising.
[34.07] Comparison – How brand awareness is more effective in Spotify than other social media and how it is unique from other social media platforms like TikTok.
[42.40] Programmatic Audio – The use of technology to automate the sale and insertion of advertisements in audio content, such as podcasts, digital radio, and music streaming services, is known as programmatic audio.
[48.14] Hot Takes – Kara and Grace share their idea about podcasts taking over the advertisement field on Spotify with different features and how retargeting offers more opportunities to Spotify listeners.
[57.36] Traditional and Digital Media Buying – Reid talks about how the cost per point in radio and gross rating points in TV work and how frustrating it is for the customers.
[01.02.00] Favorite Podcasts They dive into what podcasts they like most to hear.Want to test our Spotify Advertising for your apartment community? Contact us a [email protected]

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