The Digible Dudes EP119: When to Hire an External Marketing Team

In today’s episode of The Digible Dudes podcast, we sit down with Michelle Reinold, Partnership Manager at Digible, and Anthony Paganucci, Founder & CEO of The Brynson Group, a real estate consulting firm specializing in multifamily, to discuss when to hire a marketing director for a property management company. Throughout the conversation, we cover the right time to hire a marketing consultant, consultant versus marketing professional, proactive and reactive, management and differentiation of brands, and more.

[08.20] When to hire – When to hire a marketing consultant depends on the three elements; size, tech stack, and structure of the organization.

[17.08] Consultant or marketing person – Michelle dives into the importance of having one person to take care of all the things when it comes to marketing and the results of a consultant versus marketing professional.

[23.10] Dedicated marketer versus consultancy group – Anthony dives into the difference between having a full-time marketer and a consultancy group in your organization which entirely depends on the nature of the organization.

[28.59] Making it easier – Anthony talks about how Brynson makes the process easier for their customers and how they can save time by working with them.

[35.48] Generation of marketers – Michelle shares her idea of how customers begin to hire people specific to digital who can drive brand awareness, new property branding, websites, content, and more.

[38.21] Human touch point – Michelle shares her idea about the importance of having a human touch in combination with artificial intelligence when it comes to multifamily.

[46.38] Low occupancy – Michelle and Anthony talk about how organizations tend to blame marketing for low occupancy and how the consultant comes into this kind of situation.

[50.17] The job – Anthony dives deep into one of the biggest questions that people ask them, “why do we need you” and explains that the industry doesn’t stay at the same place, it has ups and downs.

[55.09] Being proactive – Michelle dives into how hard it is to be proactive in the industry and how they are working things out because it’s all about providing data.

[59.14] Brand management – Anthony dives into brand management, the least proactive thing in the industry where people overlook or wait too long to develop it.

[01.08.37] Brand differentiation – Every brand has a unique identification point says Anthony, and brand differentiation is based on their location, the point they have, etc.

[01.16.15] Being more proactive – Anthony and Michelle share their thoughts on how to be proactive in marketing like doing resident testimonials, and social media content including images and videos on Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Twitter because they will stay there and people know that’s real.

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