The Digible Dudes Special Episode: Running Up That Hill

We are back with a special episode in this week’s Digible Dudes podcast. David Staley, President and Co-Founder, Nicole Staley; Co-Founder Chief Experience Officer, and Reid Wicoff; CEO and Co-Founder at Digible are here to talk about David’s recent event when he ran for Guinness Book of World Records for running the fastest 100 miles on a treadmill. Throughout the episode, we dive into the experience David had, the psychological impacts, David’s interest in doing something extraordinary, getting back on track, and more.
Starting the conversation, David dives into his recent experience on his 100-mile run attempt and talks about how people should do the things that they want to because it’s okay if you fail and can start over. Joining the conversation, Reid shares his attitude of how people should not let their pride or dignity hurt their health.
David shares what he learned from the experience, saying how he expected to feel that his pride was falling, but in the end, it didn’t, and it was just like before. David then dives into the time of his first try back in 2015, how he wanted to do something extraordinary and prove to himself that he could do something special.
David shares how he gets into recovering his body after the event. He shares how he was sleeping, how he managed his diet, how his body reacted in the meantime, and how he intends to get back the eight pounds he lost.
Wrapping up the conversation, Nicole and David both talk about being part of a supportive community and what it means to be a part of a community like that.
[00.56] Taking the shot – Taking shots in life is important. It’s okay if you are not successful, you can start over.
[05.55] The pride – Reid talks about how you should not let your pride or dignity destroy your good health.
[06.57] The experience – David dives deep into what he learned from the recent experience.
[09.37] Psychological elements – Reid talks about how psychology impacts the fact that you can do something again once you did some time ago.
[13.10] Doing something extraordinary – David talks about the difference between the first and the second time he got into the run attempt.
[17.08] Heart rate – David talks about how his heart works and what happens when it comes to passing a certain rate.
[25.43] Recovery – David shares what he does to recover after the event.
[28.22] Giving another shot – David shares when he thinks he will be able to back on the game.Do you have a story to share where you took an extraordinary shot, but failed and started over? Send it to [email protected]

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