The Digible Dudes EP120: Native Advertising for Multifamily

In today’s episode of The Digible Dudes podcast, we chat with Greta Wolking; Senior Paid Media Strategist, and Erica Hanger; Senior Content Strategist at Digible about native advertising for multifamily. Native Advertising is where branded content fits seamlessly and – you guessed it – natively into a publisher’s webpage. Throughout the conversation, we dive into what is native advertising, when to use native advertising in your media mix, measuring success, the process of native advertising, campaigns, past, present, and future of native advertising, personalization, generational differences, and more.
Native advertising refers to the use of paid advertisements, such as display adverts, that match the look of an already-existing website, social media platform, or search engine. Starting the conversation, Greta defines what is native advertising, what different ways it can formulate, and how it operates.

Past, Present, & Future of Native Ads

Presenting the ideas about the past, present, and future of native advertising, Greta dives into the past when they ran a different kind of category within multifamily ad campaigns, TiVo and retargeting, and OS widget integration as future possibilities. When it comes to digital privacy, there are generational differences. While one generation is quite positive about targeted ads, another generation may bear a negative attitude towards them.
Wrapping up the conversation, Greta, Reid, and Erica talk about their hot takes from native advertising; not mentioning the brand more than three times, personalization, and automated content.

[08.08] Native Advertising – Greta starts the conversation by defining what native advertising is.

[11.47] When to use – Greta dives into types and situations where people might use native advertising.

[17.15] Measuring success – Click-through rate, content landing page, and website for the actual client as the three stages of native advertisement according to Erica.

[20.27] Video assets – Reid and Greta shares their opinion on the engagement of video in advertising campaigns.

[22.20] The process – Both Erica and Greta dives into the process of native advertising step by step.

[31.48] Campaigns – Erica and Greta discuss the types of campaigns for brand awareness and property.

[34.00] Standard metrics – Greta shares the metrics of the national average and Digibles’ average of clicks through the client’s website when people are reading an article.

[39.03] Past, present, and future – Greta dives into the past, present, and future of native advertising as a whole.

[43.18] Personalization – Greta, Erica, and David share their attitudes on personalized ads.

[44.16] Generational differences – Greta dives into the generational differences about targeted ads saying that when one generation likes the targeted ads, another generation may feel negative about their digital privacy.

[49.44] Hot takes – Greta, Erica, and Reid share what hot takes they have in native advertising.


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