Senior Product Manager

Matt Woods

Matt brings 10 years of marketing and product experience with 5 years in product in SaaS. Matt is a seasoned product professional with a robust background in both marketing and product management, primarily within the software industry. His career began in marketing, where he excelled in managing paid advertisements, organic social media, search engine optimization, marketing automation, and website development for a diverse range of industries including healthcare, professional services, and finance. Transitioning into product management, Matt significantly contributed to the relaunch of Tailwind’s flagship mobile applications for iOS and Android and spearheaded product growth strategies that spanned various stages of the customer lifecycle for both web and mobile SaaS products. Notably, Matt’s innovative approaches have led to remarkable achievements, including surpassing mobile revenue targets for two consecutive quarters, improving Tailwind’s iOS app rating from 1.6 to over 3.2 stars within three months, increasing Instagram signups by 2.5 times, boosting user retention by 80% in a crucial downgrade flow, and enhancing user engagement through multivariate testing. His leadership facilitated a company-wide adoption of a disciplined process for prioritizing and executing experiments aimed at enhancing acquisition, retention, and monetization.

At Coda, Matt led a cross-functional team to drive activation and revenue growth for self-serve customers, achieving a 60% increase in key activation metrics through innovative onboarding experiments and a personalized template experience that uplifted first-day user activation by 11%. His strategic partnership with Data Science led to the development and implementation of a new engagement and workspace activation measurement approach, which became a foundational aspect of the company’s strategy.

Matt earned his Bachelor of Arts in public relations from The University of Oklahoma with a minor in entrepreneurship. He also served as a board member for Techlahoma, a nonprofit that advances free technology education and community across Oklahoma. (2020-2021)

When Matt unplugs from work, you’ll find him training for a triathlon, listening to heaps of audiobooks at 2x, binging classic horror films, and hunting for the perfect breakfast burrito.

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