Senior Paid Media Strategist

Amelia Anvary

Amelia brings a total of 6 years of digital marketing across various industries and 4 years in the multifamily industry. Before working in the multifamily space, Amelia worked in performance-based marketing for Best Buy, as well as other retail brands, travel and tourism, and HVAC.

Amelia is a data-driven marketer with a passion for creative advertising. She enjoys the challenge of crafting campaign strategy, especially for non-traditional clients, and writing the perfect ad copy to capture audiences. She is also passionate about staying ahead of the digital curve by testing and adapting the latest technology Google unveils.

Amelia earned her Bachelor of Arts in strategic communication and a minor in management from the Carlson School of Business at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities.

When not working, Amelia is a regular at her gym before sunrise and loves spending time with her husband or friends exploring the many great spots of the Minneapolis area. She also enjoys hiking, kayaking, cooking, and binging TV series while cuddling with my cat, Prince (now King) Charles.

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