The Digible Dudes 159: EP159: Innovating Multifamily Operations with Adam Cowley

Welcome to Episode #159 of the Digible Dudes podcast. Join hosts David Staley and Reid Wicoff as they explore the innovative world of multifamily and real estate management with Adam Cowley, Founder & CEO of Rooof & Pivott.

This episode provides a comprehensive look at Adam’s extensive experience in the multifamily industry, focusing on his innovative approaches to vendor management and property operations. Adam shares valuable insights into the evolution of marketing strategies in multifamily properties, highlighting the significant role of platforms like Craigslist in driving leads and the unique challenges of marketing in this sector.

We also explore Adam’s journey in developing Roof, his experiences with the intricacies of content syndication, and the importance of adapting marketing strategies to various customer needs.He delves into the need for better organizational tools for contracts and vendor relationships, emphasizing the importance of technology in streamlining these processes.

Tune in for an insightful and informative session that sheds light on the future of multifamily management, offering valuable takeaways for anyone interested in the ever-evolving realm of real estate and property management.



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(00:00) Preview

(00:32) Introduction

(05:08) Challenges and Strategies in Multifamily Advertising

(06:33) Adam Cowley’s Journey in Multifamily Industry

(09:41) Innovative Solutions in Multifamily Real Estate

(13:23) Craigslist’s Role in the Multifamily Sector

(18:02) Effective Craigslist Advertising and Improving Lead Quality

(22:05) What’s Next For Rooof?

(28:27) Exploring Vendor Management in Multifamily Real Estate

(36:15) Pivott: A New Venture in Multifamily

(41:58) Challenges in Compliance and Vendor Management

(44:56) Challenges in Integrating Tech in Multifamily Operations

(49:26) Understanding the Multifamily Market and Customer Needs

(53:20) Future Strategies and Market Opportunities in Multifamily

(57:51) Building A Business in The Multifamily Sector.

(1:07:43) Roof’s Role in Funding New Ventures

(1:10:47) Reflecting on What’s Next in The Multifamily Industry

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