The Digible Dudes 160: EP160: Digible Dudes 2023 Year-End Special – Growing Gains & Pains

Welcome to the Digible Dudes podcast where we dive deep into the digital world of Multifamily with your hosts David Staley and Reid Wicoff. 

In this special year-end episode, we sit down with Nicole Staley, Co-Founder and CXO of Digible Inc, as we reflect on the significant strides we’ve made as a company this year. 

We explore Digible’s key milestones, team expansion, and cultural evolution. The hosts discuss the wins and challenges they faced, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a vibrant company culture amidst rapid growth.

As the episode wraps up, we leave our listeners with insights into the company’s future directions and the team’s expectations for the coming year, promising an exciting journey ahead. So make sure to watch till the end!

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(00:00) Introduction and AI Impact on Jobs 

(01:00) Startup Growth and Business Challenges 

(03:21) Employee Experiences and Role Adaptation 

(06:51) Company Achievements and Department Expansion 

(10:42) Organizational Culture and Team Dynamics 

(15:03) Innovation and Adapting to Technological Changes 

(20:28) Digible’s Future Outlook 

(28:42) Reflection on Company Growth and Culture

(31:50) Employee Experience and Managing Growth

(34:53) Digible’s Core Values 

(39:50) Reflections on Leadership and Decision Making

(45:39) Challenges of Rapid Expansion

(51:33) Personal Development and Leadership Growth

(57:08) Looking Ahead to 2024: Opportunities and Aspirations

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