The Digible Dudes 161: EP161: How to Build a Winning Team in 2024

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Join your hosts, David Staley and Reid Wicoff on #161 of the Digible Dudes podcast for a deep dive into the evolving corporate landscape in 2024.

We kick things off with a thought-provoking review of Adam Grant’s “Hidden Potential,” analyzing its impact and insights on modern hiring practices. The conversation then pivots to the forefront of talent acquisition, unveiling the latest strategies set to revolutionize recruiting in 2024. 

We further delve into the art of evaluating employee potential, unveiling methods that challenge traditional metrics and methods of evaluation.

To wrap things up we reveal effective management techniques, drawing lessons from Finland’s renowned education system, and offering key takeaways for today’s dynamic business environment. So make sure you watch till the end!

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(00:00) Preview and Introduction

(02:01) Content Consumption and Adam Grant’s Book Review

(10:26) The Concept of Deliberate Play in Work and Sports 

(17:17 The Role of Belief and Doubt in Achieving Your Potential

(22:11) Breaking Down Finland’s School System 

(29:40)The Importance of ‘Distance Traveled’ in Hiring 

(34:49) Impact of ‘Distance Traveled’ on Hiring Decisions

(39:49) Data vs. Logic in Business Decisions*

(43:11) Enabling Experimentation and Managing Risk in Business

(48:02) Optimizing Work Weeks: Beyond the Four-Day Model

(51:35) Business Strategies and Company Culture

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