10 Things We Love About Spotify Advertising

An Effective Upper Funnel Marketing Tactic for Multifamily

Updated February 2024
With Spotify, you can reach your customers where they listen. Here at Digible, it’s our job to deliver valuable messages to the right audience in the right way to drive a successful marketing campaign. With the number of digital platforms skyrocketing, reaching people has never been easier, but where do you start? As digital marketing continues to evolve, advertisers are turning their attention to the power of audio advertising, specifically Spotify.


From Listening to Leasing

Programmatic audio provides one of the most personal advertising experiences out there — the music we listen to, the podcasts we learn from, and the genres we love are all unique to each user. We listen to music in the car during our morning commutes, through our headphones as we work out, and even over our smart speakers while cooking dinner. Spotify’s self-service platform is opening the door for advertisers of all sizes (and budgets) to grab a piece of the programmatic pie.


Here are 10 reasons why we at Digible love Spotify (and why you might want to start using it, too).



1. Ear Time Is Limitless

The average Spotify listener spends 148 minutes streaming either music or podcasts each day. Audio advertising allows you to reach your audience when visual ads can’t – while driving, working out, etc. The point is, that streaming music makes people comfortable, and tailoring your ad to how the music makes them feel will help generate a connection.


2. There’s Something Special About Sound

New research that recently launched proves that digital audio is more engaging than radio, TV, and social media. Spotify’s research showed that 93% of the brain’s engagement with content transferred directly into ad engagement as the listener moved from their music and podcasts to the ad. With Spotify’s tuned-in audience, advertisers have a unique opportunity to reach a deeply immersed audience.


3. Get Your Message Heard On Any Budget

You can advertise on any budget with Spotify ads and run campaigns that help drive results. Whether you’re a global brand or a local business, get your message heard and spend what’s right for you. With an incredibly low start-up cost, Spotify advertising is accessible to everyone.


4. Find The Right Audience

Spotify’s data-driven targeting tools help you find your customers and reach them across devices, moments, and formats. From demographics to interest targeting, your audience is listening.


5. 226 Million Ad-Supported Listeners (and Counting)

According to Spotify, they have 406 Million monthly listeners and 180 million premium subscribers which leaves a market of 226 million ears to deliver your message to.


6. Simple As ABC

Spotify’s Ad Studio makes it as easy as ever to produce and serve ads to your desired audience. From free ad creation (all you have to do is enter a script) to advanced channel and interest-based targeting, Spotify makes it extremely efficient for advertisers to reach their audience.


7. Your Brand Here

Sure, you can plaster your business name on every billboard in town but that doesn’t necessarily equate to increased brand awareness. Spotify is an easy, cost-effective strategy that can generate brand lift through their personalized audio scripts chock-full of your brand name.


8. The Steady Rise Of Podcasts

Podcasts are a unique format with tons of potential. They can foster a relationship that feels almost one-on-one. 41% of listeners say they trust ads more if they hear them during a podcast and 81% report they have taken action after hearing a podcast ad. Running podcast ads is a great way to increase new users and sessions on your website.



We ran Spotify Ads for the Digible Dudes podcast for 4 months. We saw favorable results:

  • 1,179,587 impressions
  • 568,069 reach
  • 1.98 Frequency
  • 352 clicks
  • 0.03% CTR
  • $6.24 CPC

Digible Dudes Ad Image

9. Video Takeover

Unlike other forms of video advertising experiences, the Spotify experience is built for sound on and volume up. With video ads, you can spark imagination through your eyes and ears. Plus, Spotify only serves the video when the user is “in-focus” meaning you will be seen and heard by your audience. Find the specs here!


10. Measurable Impact

Spotify is an incredible way to generate awareness while keeping costs under control. Implementing Spotify advertising can increase site traffic by a whopping 33% while increasing overall sessions by 17%.


As Spotify grows, so will its advertising platform as well as the number of companies who decide to strategically incorporate it into their marketing efforts. If you’re looking to boost overall site traffic, and awareness, and reach more engaged users, you just might want to tune into Spotify Ads. Spotify isn’t going anywhere, and Digible hears them loud and clear.


Ready to get started with Spotify Advertising? Let’s chat!

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