EP127: Digible’s 2023 Goals

New year. New goals. Welcome back to the Digible Dudes podcast. We are here this week with David and Reid to talk about our six goals for 2023. Throughout the conversation, we cover the EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) model, marketing tactics, partnerships, new hire onboarding, and more.

The entrepreneurial operating system is an extensive business system that helps businesses of any size grow and thrive. Starting the conversation, Reid dives into Digible’s first goal for 2023, which is a new EOS system. Further, David and Reid talk about how they have developed as a company over the years.

Reid elaborates on how the culture can be affected if you are not careful due to the more significant number of prop-tech companies.

Reid and David conclude the conversation by discussing how far their company has come in four years. According to Reid, going backward is part of moving to the next level, and it’s not easy to say how far back they are willing to go.

[02.04] EOS model –Starting the conversation, Reid talks about Digible’s EOS system and the company’s growth.

[05.24] Marketing – David shares how they figured out certain outcomes of marketing and how it helped to narrow things down.

[08.44] Partnerships – We talk about adding strategic partnerships to Digible and the reasons behind them.

[14.11] Innovate on reporting – David and Reid talk about their fourth goal; innovate on reporting and add additional data points. Further, David shares why data reporting is important inside and outside the industry.

[23.26] Onboarding – We talk about the change in strategy in the onboarding process at Digible.

[26.18] Fiona Forward – We talk about Fiona Foward and what it means for the employees in the company and how it gives a sense of purpose other than fulfilling campaigns.

[32.00] Reaching the next level – David and Reid share positioning themselves to reach the next level as their biggest goal as a company.

Book by Simon Sinek –
The Infinite Game


Book by Simon Sinek –

The Infinite Game


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