EP128: Talent Acquisition for the Multifamily Industry

There’s no doubt effective recruitment is essential for hiring in the multifamily industry. It guarantees that the workforce possesses the necessary knowledge, expertise, and skills to meet the organization’s present and future demands. This week’s episode of The Digible Dudes Podcast features Kelly Taylor, Recruiter at Digible, to talk about talent acquisition for the multifamily industry. Throughout the conversation, we dive into the interview process, screening, KPIs, shortlisting, job fairs, attracting diverse talent, and more.

Kelly begins the conversation by telling us about her background. She has been working as a recruiter for several years and previous position at a start-up.

Screening is one of the most important parts of the recruitment process. It ultimately provides the best candidate for the position you are looking for. According to Kelly, the background of the applicant, necessary qualifications, the candidate’s reason for wanting to join your company, and questions from the candidate are some of the things they are looking for when screening.

The process of shortlisting involves finding the applicants from your applicant pool that best fit the required and desired criteria. Most of the time, when you are recruiting, you get a lot of unqualified applications for the required positions. Kelly shares the importance of having a strategy to shortlist candidates. Further, she talks about how social media helps recruit the best candidates other than LinkedIn.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, people are used to working from home, which comes with a lot of benefits for the employees. Four-day work weeks, remote work, and both physical and mental health are some things people are drawn to when they are looking for a job, says Kelly.

The phrase “diversity, equality, and inclusion” (DEI) refers to policies and initiatives that support the participation and representation of many groups of people, including racial and ethnic groups, genders, abilities and impairments, and sexual orientations. Wrapping up the conversation, Kelly talks about how people don’t understand what DEI means and what ways you can get diverse talent for your organization.

[08.14] Kelly’s background – Starting the conversation, Kelly gives us a brief introduction of herself and what she did before joining Digible.
[13.28] Interview process – Kelly explains what she was surprised about the most in the recruitment process at Digible.

[14.00] Greenhouse – An applicant tracking system.

[17.28] Screening – Kelly shares what she looks for in applicants during the screening process.

[21.13] Key performance indicator – Kelly shares ‘time to hire’ as her biggest and most important KPI.

[27.28] Shortlisting  –  Kelly discusses how she prefers to get the best applications for recruitment rather than a large number of unqualified applications.

[33.23] The competition – Kelly shares the things that candidates are drawn to when searching for a job.

[42.03] Train wreck – We share some funny stories about Zoom interviews and mishaps.

[48.20] Job fairs – Kelly shares the value of job fairs.

[56.37] Diverse talent – Kelly shares the ways to attract diverse talent to an organization.


Connect with Kelly

LinkedIn – linkedin.com/in/kelly-taylor-870a91106/

Email – [email protected]

Greenhouse application tracking system – greenhouse.com/

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